SR20 Sentra Nismo Smoked!

Gold coloured Nissan Sentra with full NISMO bodykit and Black rims has been smoked by Azuri in Bukit Arang up until Bukit Ampang area somewhere around 3.30 / 4am… This SR20NA non turbo equiped machine still give a good fight and makes Azuri suffer his neck to run away from him..

Didn’t catch the plate number to post in here… It’s a good fight anyway… 🙂

Nissan Sentra Smoked!


2 Responses to “SR20 Sentra Nismo Smoked!”

  1. sentras no longer run sr20 engines. it would be a qr25de if it was the spec-v nismo…

  2. That model posted has the QR25DE. Those wheels in the picture are bronza too not black. I don’t know if that is the actual car you ‘smoked’ but those are the Nismo Gram Lights. Avalable in bronze and silver.

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