Azuri’s on Touge King Blog

for more info, go check TOUGE KING blog.. Go figure..

Touge King’s Blog

6 Responses to “Azuri’s on Touge King Blog”

  1. hohoho……azuri is famous now… 🙂 yay yay….we can see a touge battle someday…. ;0 love it man….

  2. My first comment on the famous Kansei site 🙂 Greetings touge enthusiasts! We are all FRIENDLY here, and would like to improve our driving skills on the touge, so whenever you guys are coming over, email me and I’ll be the pace car for our “home course” 😉

    Take care and drive safe,

  3. cool man..its great to see you came to this pro level…well done bro…

  4. woah…!famous ler ko ek azuri…hehehe

  5. niiiiiice~

  6. Ivan Khong Says:

    Dear All Touge Specialists,

    An opportunity to participate in a sanctioned motoring competition event, to further enhance and improve your car control skills in a safe environment.

    Please find more details at:

    Hope to see you all there.

    Ivan Khong

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