No Kansei In Autocross!

We are sorry to announce that ‘for the time being’, there will be no members from Kansei to join the up and coming GRA or any other autocross event.

Due to our daily routine and heavy schedule, we’ve decided that not to join the event. After been on discussing with the team members on a few days back, we’ve decided that a few of other factors also has stopped us such as we have to standby for huge tyres wear and tear after the event, small event area that will only stressed out our car engine and gearbox since it requires mostly on 1st and 2nd gear, e-brake stress, car alignment and such.. We’re still not that rich to afford all of these things in one time.

But in the same time, we really hope that we could join or take part in any of the event in near future.. Hope to see you guys soon.. As for now, we would like to take this oppurtinity to wish all the best for everyone..!

Enjoy driving everyone!


3 Responses to “No Kansei In Autocross!”

  1. Ivan Khong Says:

    Here are updates on the GRA Rd 1. Photos and blogs abound in the forum.;boardseen#new


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