Touge Cruise And Touge’s On Fire

It’s been a while since we had another cruise all together since everyone is kinda busy dealing with their typical everyday. After Burn had spend almost 1 month in Paka, Terengganu, he’s back for another action. After we had a small ‘welcome back TT’ for Burn, we went up to Ulu Yam and Bukit Ampang for some fun cruising. Only sad to say that local touge’s is now on fire and has been very hot with police road block and such.. Both touges has it’s police road block nowadays.. So we assume, there must have been some illegal activities that happen around it.. Thank god that our homecourse is still clean with any of those..

But we manage easily on the road block. The police didn’t ask us many question and we went straight up there happily. Azuri and Burn did a few times running at full throttle uphill and downhill and it was fun.. Anyway, here’s a few pictures we took…


KL View From Bukit Ampang
+ Kuala Lumpur view from Bukit Ampang

Kansei Mambers
+ Kansei Members

2 Responses to “Touge Cruise And Touge’s On Fire”

  1. Wow, very nice view from the top! There are a lot of road blocks over here as well, be careful out there!


  2. […] googled around today and found Kansei Team – Downhill Specialist who link up to This blog is about drift, togue and kansei…what is kansei anyway […]

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