Greetings All The Way From Brazil

We recieved one message all the way from Brazil touge enthusiast. A message send by Jean Marcel do Amaral from a team called Vandal Wolfs. We love to make new friends from all over the globe who share the same interest as us which is driving on touges and cars especially. 🙂

We believe that we can share a lots of things in future with all of our friends everywhere and probably we’ll plan a road trip in future.. (if possible)…

According to Jean, his team home course is located somewhere at the south of Brazil and most of them ride on a FF layout cars. Frankly speaking, Malaysia is very lack of FF driver on touges, while most of FR drivers prefer empty car park than touges for drifting practicing. AWD or 4WD driver prefer to hang out on local club scene to impress girls.. There’s only a few true-hearted drivers that prefer touges more than anything else. Driver’s like Jean and his team mates, Cameron Touge King, his buddy Felix and Boy, Shalie, Yaraul, Jeri of Touge-R, Don Bedu (currently in Japan), Desmond Ong and his fellow friends and a few other that we know (only naming a few) was a true touge drivers that we 100% respect..!!

So guys, wait no more.. Go visit Vandal Wolfs touge drivers site and leave a comment on them. Their website use both English and Brazilian language..


2 Responses to “Greetings All The Way From Brazil”

  1. Desmond Says:

    yo whats up to all, im sorry for not being able to make it last wednesday as i had work to finish and to come from rawang is a bit hectic that day…. im usually known as DeOngster btw, Desmond Ong sound liek old man la… i will usually be tougeing on Saturdays with a couple of friends… ulu yam, genting, batang kali, genting sempah, bukit tinggi and now kuala kelawang, teluk bahang is a bit too far but will definately run it one day…. would liek to meet you guys sometime, learn more from each other…. cheers to all…

  2. it’s okay deongster.. we’ll meet up with you guys soon.. lets have a teh tarik session as well soon…

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