New Time Record! (The Longest Time Ever We Took From Kuala Kelawang To KL)

We have new time records updated on our home course. *sigh* But it was not the fastest time instead it was a slowest time ever.. Hehe.. 🙂

Last Wednesday night, we was set to go for a cruise in Kuala Kelawang touge with a guy known as DeOngster who did contact us recently along with a few of his friends, but due to work loads on the day, he has cancelled the cruise. Later on that night Azuri was contacted by Apan. Another touge enthusiast from Subang Jaya area who happen to be in touch with wangan activities too. Apan was asking about our plan that night and Azuri invite him over for a run in Kuala Kelawang touge. While Burn and Blue manage to get in touch with Shalie of Touge-R and so on we all gather at Craven Cafe in Ampang.

After everyone had their meals at Craven, we all then move slowly towards to Kuala Kelawang touge. Early on that night, Apan did told us that his car was in not good condition. So we all advised him not to go at full throttle in order to save up his car.

We all stop at Kuala Kelawang starting point for uphill run and was having a little discussion about having fun among us. By this time, Apan was already being so excited to have an uphill run against Shalie of Touge-R while Burn has choose Azuri to be his opponent for a downhill battle. By Azuri request, he and Blue went uphill first and wait at a few corners infront to shoot a footage of Shalie and Apan in Battle. While Burn and Zali followed behind them both to watch everything in case if anything bad ever happen. In a few minutes, they both had a full throttle blast in the dark of Kuala Kelawang touge and their engine rev can be heard long before they both reach the corners where Azuri and Blue was waiting. They run as fast as the both cameraman eyes could catch followed by the two observeyor car from behind.

After a while, Azuri and Blue revving uphill to catch the four of them. By the time we all gather at the peak of Kuala Kelawang touge and was getting ready for a downhill attack for Burn and Azuri, Apan told us that his car can’t be started! So we all take a look at his car and was thinking it was probably his battery is weak and we’d try jump started with jumper cables but still not showing any sign to breath… By this time, we’d came to a conclussion that it was most probably being cause by his alternator. We have no choice other than to tow his car from that very moment.

The downhill part of Burn against Azuri was cancelled.

Apan let his free gear car to cruise downhill and braking by just using e-brakes. Untill the end point of downhill part (starting point for uphill), his car stop since the up roads was a bit uphill… From there, we then tied up Apan’s car to Burn and start the towing process back to Ampang, Kuala Lumpur…

Imagine, there’s still another two touges infront which is Bukit Arang and Bukit Ampang and both was a mixed course which consist uphill and downhill part…

All in all, the towing process took us almost about 1 hour to reach KL. We normally make it in 15-20 minutes on normall driving, and we managed to reach Ampang safely after driving not more than 30km/h… This was the slowest driving we’ve ever experienced.. 😆

Anyway, we all at Kansei wish Apan all the best with his car and may his machine could be fixed with just little cost. And here we attached a few pictures of us all that night in Kuala Kelawang…

And before we forget, the new member time attack trial will take place either on Friday night (15 June) or Staurday night (16 June). We haven’t decide yet… The new member trial out will face Azuri on uphill run and then will battle Burn on downhill time attakka-…!!!

This is what happen when problem occurs in a deserted place like Kuala Kelawang touge which is far from any civilization plus there is rarely any other commuters who used this road at night. (There’s only a few of truck and lorry who passed by at night). So kids, better don’t do touges at night but find any empty car park instead for pleasure… 😆

Enjoy viewing….

Starting Point For Uphill
+ Starting Point For Uphill

Starting Point For Uphill
+ Starting Point For Uphill

End Point For Uphill
+ End Point For Uphill

Members Gathered In Dark
+ Members Gathered In Dark

Towing Process
+ Towing Process

Towing Process
+ Towing Process

Towing Process
+ Towing Process

Dead Snake
+ Dead Snake That We Spotted

Journey On Our Way Home
+ On Our Journey Home


6 Responses to “New Time Record! (The Longest Time Ever We Took From Kuala Kelawang To KL)”

  1. hell yeahh..!!! instead of whatever happen to us, we’ve found our friendship was getting better and better each time.. team work is the key..!!!

  2. Good to know everything worked out in the end 🙂 Cheers.

  3. creatures Says:

    tanx dude….c u early next year if ?????????…huhu….

  4. if what apan…? black top engine with full lock LSD on it’s way is it…? 😆 😆

  5. Hahaha….nope la….long story 2 tell u loll guys…if got time…i’ll call u guys for lepak’s2…

  6. Hi, my name is disman-kl, i like your site and i ll be back 😉

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