Touge Attack!

Last night was massive. (June 16,2007). Last night was huge. Maybe it’s not that huge for everyone, but at least it looked massive and huge for us. Last night, Kansei team members was joined by DeOngster and a few of his friends plus 3 guys from a Proton Satria Club in Kuala Kelawang touge. It was fun and pleasure to meet each of local touge enthusiast face-to-face.

Starting Point For Uphill
+ The big gathering at our starting point for uphill.

Last night was also supposed to be our time attack test for the new member, but due to his current tyres condition that is very poor, we still have to postponed it to some other time in near future. It was raining since afternoon at all over Klang Valley including Kuala Lumpur and Kuala Kelawang touge and the road condition was so wet plus one fallen trees blocking our way up has made us cancelled the time attack trial.

There was 11 cars gathered at the starting point for uphill at 2.30 am and started the uphill run in a split second before we all gathered again at the uphill end point of our home course. Later, DeOngster suggest that we should drive further up where the roads is more nicer with a few of hairpins and high-speed corners to play with. Compared to our traditional home course, the further course was a bit disadvantageous for us since most of our members was using underpowered car. By this stage, the three person from a Satria club decided to leave the place.

End Point of Uphill
+ The end point of our home course uphill.

Once it started to go further up where the course was a bit downhill, DeOngster gunned his throttle followed by Azuri leaving others back in the darknest of Kuala Kelawang, grouping for a normal cruise. It was very fun after all… We all gathered again at their suggested course end point and was having a good chat and laugh before we all head back to Kuala Lumpur (Taman Connaught) for a late morning TT (Teh Tarik) sessions…

Anyway, it was nice knowing other touge enthusiast such as DeOngster, Kyle, Dan, Eric and Noel… Hope to have a run with you guys again soon..

Cheers..! 🙂

End Point of Uphill
+ The end point of our home course uphill.

End Point of Uphill
+ Chatting in the dark.

End Point of Uphill (New)
+ The end point of suggested course downhill.

End Point of Uphill (New)
+ Chatting again.

End Point of Uphill (New)
+ Gunung Besar Hantu. Now you can see why… 🙂

On Our Way Home
+ Cruising on our way home…

5 Responses to “Touge Attack!”

  1. eijee78 Says:

    Not just tyres condition, the road was very slippery, some of us spun out even though we’re not fast

  2. muehehehe…….blackknight will soon join u guys up there………..

  3. hehehe….looking forward to join u all…ya ya ive said diz many times, but always have battlefronts. diz time i’ll bite my words.

  4. Hi guys! Fantastic this site, i don’t exspect to find some touge in Malaysia 🙂
    I’m LW from Italy….touge is also here 😉

  5. Driving at night in Kuala Kelawang must be scary. Pitch black with no street lights coupled with haunted stories along that route. Sure send a chill down ones’ spine.

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