Yes… It’s Touge-R, our allied team has now got a new homepage made for them at WordPress. The team has been set up in Malaysia for more than 3 years now, if we’re not wrong. It has been here long before the drifting ‘sickness’ gone public or we might says ‘long before Malaysian school kids was enthusiastically looking for a Hachi-Roku’..

Touge-R homepage snapshot

The team was formerly being very popular in Sri Repah touge and Bukit Putus touge area in Negeri Sembilan. So wait no more guys and girls. Go pay them a visit and add their link in your page.. They also has a few of video published in YouTube. Anyway, Touge-R is the real deal..!

Check them out at Touge-R

4 Responses to “Touge-R”

  1. i heard that the active ones are a sucky drivers with sloppy cornering tech…..

  2. eijee78 Says:

    Shalie, bullshit!! i heard that the active ones are deeply and madly in love with his gf haha…

  3. another SB here :p

  4. cipet…….spamming here eyh 😡

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