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KANSEI Vidéo Première!

Posted in Battle Reports, Time Attack, Videos on August 30, 2007 by Team KANSEI

En conclusion, notre première vidéo visuelle! Finally, we’ve managed to do a ‘low budget’ version of our touge video. We’re terribly sorry for taking a very long time to produce one simple videos like this. As you guys already know, most of the members in KANSEI have others comitment that makes their 24-7 life packed with lots of stuff. So, the touge thingy was kind of a part time and happy hours for them.

Anyway, here’s KANSEI in making its premier appearence in YouTube online video community. As our love towards the sports grow, we’ve found ourself very much enthusiastic to share our point of view and it’s spirits.

This is a uphill battle between our new family member, Mat Gen (lead car) versus Azuri at Genting Sempah touge! Please DO NOT expect to see any drifting action as both cars was on FF setup. We’re sorry for the bad video resolution and sound. That’s all we can afford for now. Anyway, sit back, enjoy the ride…


Australian Touge!

Posted in Cruise, Friendships on August 20, 2007 by Team KANSEI

No… We didn’t go to Australia. We don’t know any touge there. Except some of the Australian touge stories we’ve heard long before. But… We was visited recently by our Australian friends… Jared and Antonia. Both of them came all the way down from South of Australia called, Adelaide where a few of unknown touges activities being held off…

Jared and Antonia was here on a purpose to met a few of his Malaysian friends besides doing some sight seeing, attending his mate wedding, shopping, clubbing and err… tougeing? Well, that is what he said to us. We’ve known him for quite a year or two now through an internet forum and had only chances to met him when he was in town. According to him, he’s been actively driving up in a touge known as ‘Gorge’ back in Adelaide along with his friends who drive an R32 Skyline, Impreza GC version, plus their very own Holden VP Commodore and a few other car. What really impress us was, he’s been driving to all those touges in Adelaide with a Malaysia own Proton Satria 1.5 and guess what, he loved proton like we all loved our mother… And we think that’s really cool…!!!

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Kansei In Italian Website!

Posted in Friendships on August 19, 2007 by Team KANSEI

Buon giorno tutto! Team Kansei and its web-blog has been mysteriously being discovered by an Italian dude known as LW and their team, Team Super Speed. Yes! Italiano… The land of super monstrous machine and fast car. And yeah… Pizzas and Spaghetti…. We’ve recieved an email from him saying that he has put out a link from their website to us which is soooooo nice of them. In return, we’ve put this matter up in the blog plus a direct link back to their website as a sign of starting a friendship.

We’ve always love when we make new friends especially with those who are way far from Malaysia but in the same time not forgetting our locals and roots. According to LW, they are more into rallies and touge and dislike super monster machine like F1.

I’m really fond of rallies and touge so you’ll find stuff like this (on our site) and you won’t find anything about F1 and other formulas…sorry but I don’t like it and there are a lot of sites about that…

There are plenty of good infos and videos on their website that you might wanna go and check plus they did have a feeder for the next rally, touring championship. and we think that’s cool! So, guys, don’t wait anymore as this speeders are so nice to know… Go check them out at Team Super Speed. Long live touge drivers and God bless us all..!!

Team Super Speed Website

New Family Member!

Posted in Battle Reports, Friendships, Time Attack on August 7, 2007 by Team KANSEI

Okay, it’s been a while… No. It’s been like ages since we last update the site. According to our friend, it’s a sin for not updating the site. So, we’ve sinned and we’re sorry for that. Most of us has been very busy lately especially a few of our members has already married and got new comitments… That’s life anyway!

There’s nothing much happening around KANSEI lately except we’re now expanding with new member in the family tree that has gradually join in. We would love to take this chances to give a huge and warm welcome to Mat Gen. Most of you must be wondering by now how on earth he got his name to be called as ‘Mat Gen’? Nope, he’s not driving a Gen-2 and he’s not any of those X-Men that has special genetic powers and such. He’s just another ordinary guy with a few of years experience in driving on touges especially Genting Highland touges due to his works purpose. That’s when the name come..

As most of you already know, we has delayed the time attack trial for him about a few times already, until one night (which we can’t remember anymore) we all drove up to Gombak area where we accidentally found a new playground for us and suddenly we all decided to test him up there. Since none of us knew the roads, we all just blew it hard full throttle straight to the uphill and Mat Gen has prove that his twincam 1.8 natural aspirated engine was not merely for an Auto Show that might be happening around your neighbourhood by now. He has prove that he can tail gated Azuri and Burn like there’s no tomorow and makes both Azuri and Burn bow down to him!

On the downhill part, he’s still has a lot to learn as Burn and Azuri smoked him a few meters away but only managed to catch up again after Burn had slowed down due to some trucks that blocked the roads. Before we forget to mention, the roads conditions was fair but very small and tight where only one car can go in at one time with walls and deep cliffs at both side. Overtaking here is very much dangerous and risky. There’s no railing at the road side which mean one mistake can cause somebody goes fly to either heaven or hell… More or less, the touges looks like Shomaru touge in Initial D…

Well enough said… WELCOME ON BOARD MAT GEN! 🙂

Mat Gen

The New MINI Cooper S Smoked!

Posted in Battle Reports on August 5, 2007 by Team KANSEI

The new MINI Cooper S was being advertised as a very good car in dealing with corners and we assumed that the car must be very good in touges too. Only sad to say when a good car is driven by a bad driver, it will all then turned to be the most fucked up car in the whole world. Still we all find the car is very good to be played with around corners. With it’s small and compact design makes it even better… And if it comes with a turbo charged or supercharged, then it’s a bonus!

Anyway, a few weeks ago, Azuri has smoked this little car which has been driven by a really badass driver. The driver has started it all by tailgating very closed to Azuri (even Azuri can’t see his headlight anymore) who was only on a cruising mood in Ulu Yam touge. When Azuri gave him some space to overtake, the driver refused to do that but flashing a light and honk instead to ask for a race and that is when it all begin…

Like what we’ve mentioned earlier, in conclusion when a good car is driven by a bad driver… You know the result… The driver must be crying out loud by that time for following Azuri’s crazy raceline….

MINI Cooper S