The New MINI Cooper S Smoked!

The new MINI Cooper S was being advertised as a very good car in dealing with corners and we assumed that the car must be very good in touges too. Only sad to say when a good car is driven by a bad driver, it will all then turned to be the most fucked up car in the whole world. Still we all find the car is very good to be played with around corners. With it’s small and compact design makes it even better… And if it comes with a turbo charged or supercharged, then it’s a bonus!

Anyway, a few weeks ago, Azuri has smoked this little car which has been driven by a really badass driver. The driver has started it all by tailgating very closed to Azuri (even Azuri can’t see his headlight anymore) who was only on a cruising mood in Ulu Yam touge. When Azuri gave him some space to overtake, the driver refused to do that but flashing a light and honk instead to ask for a race and that is when it all begin…

Like what we’ve mentioned earlier, in conclusion when a good car is driven by a bad driver… You know the result… The driver must be crying out loud by that time for following Azuri’s crazy raceline….

MINI Cooper S

3 Responses to “The New MINI Cooper S Smoked!”

  1. Bad drivers in good drivers are everywhere. Kudos for teaching him a lesson 🙂 !

  2. huhuhu…..good car with a bad driver….. 😦 imagine a crazy driver in a punto GT 1.4 turbo or a swift sport or even worse…..the 3 door volkswagen golf GTi……

  3. ouchh shalie.. that would be a nightmare… there’s a lot of Swift sports here in KL area which i can see they’re more prefer to speed up in highways… sure those are very much powerful cars compared to mine… huhuhu…

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