New Family Member!

Okay, it’s been a while… No. It’s been like ages since we last update the site. According to our friend, it’s a sin for not updating the site. So, we’ve sinned and we’re sorry for that. Most of us has been very busy lately especially a few of our members has already married and got new comitments… That’s life anyway!

There’s nothing much happening around KANSEI lately except we’re now expanding with new member in the family tree that has gradually join in. We would love to take this chances to give a huge and warm welcome to Mat Gen. Most of you must be wondering by now how on earth he got his name to be called as ‘Mat Gen’? Nope, he’s not driving a Gen-2 and he’s not any of those X-Men that has special genetic powers and such. He’s just another ordinary guy with a few of years experience in driving on touges especially Genting Highland touges due to his works purpose. That’s when the name come..

As most of you already know, we has delayed the time attack trial for him about a few times already, until one night (which we can’t remember anymore) we all drove up to Gombak area where we accidentally found a new playground for us and suddenly we all decided to test him up there. Since none of us knew the roads, we all just blew it hard full throttle straight to the uphill and Mat Gen has prove that his twincam 1.8 natural aspirated engine was not merely for an Auto Show that might be happening around your neighbourhood by now. He has prove that he can tail gated Azuri and Burn like there’s no tomorow and makes both Azuri and Burn bow down to him!

On the downhill part, he’s still has a lot to learn as Burn and Azuri smoked him a few meters away but only managed to catch up again after Burn had slowed down due to some trucks that blocked the roads. Before we forget to mention, the roads conditions was fair but very small and tight where only one car can go in at one time with walls and deep cliffs at both side. Overtaking here is very much dangerous and risky. There’s no railing at the road side which mean one mistake can cause somebody goes fly to either heaven or hell… More or less, the touges looks like Shomaru touge in Initial D…

Well enough said… WELCOME ON BOARD MAT GEN! 🙂

Mat Gen


9 Responses to “New Family Member!”

  1. Welcome Mat-Gen 🙂

  2. Thanks for accepting me into the family,but the most imporant thing to me is the friendship that i’ve build with u guys plus i can share the joy and fun on touge 😆

  3. Congrats guys! Where is this new found touge anyway 😉 ?

  4. muahahaha…..mat gen is in da family 😀 but apan bile plaks? :p crazy driver oso…..

  5. alwes safety come first dude, welcome to the team, ‘i do’

  6. TK, the new found touge was located somewhere in Gombak, KL area and the road will direct us straight to Genting Sempah area.. We guess we was a bit late in discovering it compared to other touge enthusiast such as DeOngster, Stanley “ninja-iga” and etc… 🙂

  7. welcome to KANSEI matgen….!

  8. jameswillisisthebest Says:

    This is my first post
    just saying HI

  9. welcome James.. Feel free to browse around! 🙂

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