Kansei In Italian Website!

Buon giorno tutto! Team Kansei and its web-blog has been mysteriously being discovered by an Italian dude known as LW and their team, Team Super Speed. Yes! Italiano… The land of super monstrous machine and fast car. And yeah… Pizzas and Spaghetti…. We’ve recieved an email from him saying that he has put out a link from their website to us which is soooooo nice of them. In return, we’ve put this matter up in the blog plus a direct link back to their website as a sign of starting a friendship.

We’ve always love when we make new friends especially with those who are way far from Malaysia but in the same time not forgetting our locals and roots. According to LW, they are more into rallies and touge and dislike super monster machine like F1.

I’m really fond of rallies and touge so you’ll find stuff like this (on our site) and you won’t find anything about F1 and other formulas…sorry but I don’t like it and there are a lot of sites about that…

There are plenty of good infos and videos on their website that you might wanna go and check plus they did have a feeder for the next rally, touring championship. and we think that’s cool! So, guys, don’t wait anymore as this speeders are so nice to know… Go check them out at Team Super Speed. Long live touge drivers and God bless us all..!!

Team Super Speed Website

6 Responses to “Kansei In Italian Website!”

  1. Hey thanx guys!
    Fantastic article, i hope we’ll make a strong friendship 🙂

  2. lol.. thanks to you mate.. just bear around with us, we have a few interesting things that running on our mind now.. we’ll let you know soon..

    cheers… 🙂

  3. Welcome 🙂

  4. thnk you all!
    i have a question to make if it’s possible, your rides? I’ve seen around that you have also a national brands (really interesting) like Shalie’s ride if i’m right

  5. yes.. we have our national brand of cars too LW. In fact, we have two separate brands. the first one known as Proton where any Mitsubishi parts may go in and second one called Perodua where some of it may use Daihatsu and some may use Toyota’s parts… 🙂

  6. Wooa! Fantastico 😉

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