Australian Touge!

No… We didn’t go to Australia. We don’t know any touge there. Except some of the Australian touge stories we’ve heard long before. But… We was visited recently by our Australian friends… Jared and Antonia. Both of them came all the way down from South of Australia called, Adelaide where a few of unknown touges activities being held off…

Jared and Antonia was here on a purpose to met a few of his Malaysian friends besides doing some sight seeing, attending his mate wedding, shopping, clubbing and err… tougeing? Well, that is what he said to us. We’ve known him for quite a year or two now through an internet forum and had only chances to met him when he was in town. According to him, he’s been actively driving up in a touge known as ‘Gorge’ back in Adelaide along with his friends who drive an R32 Skyline, Impreza GC version, plus their very own Holden VP Commodore and a few other car. What really impress us was, he’s been driving to all those touges in Adelaide with a Malaysia own Proton Satria 1.5 and guess what, he loved proton like we all loved our mother… And we think that’s really cool…!!!

Okay, let’s cut the crap! We was set to hit the touge in two nights. One was at Kuala Kelawang and the other one was at the Genting Sempah. All of this well planned touge activities was joined by Stanley “Ninja Iga” who was one of the Ultra Racing reprezentator and one of Jared close buddy that has been sending a lot of UR stuff to Australia. And this would be our very first experienced in going to touge with Stanley. So, here we go…

Night #1 – Kuala Kelawang
We all gathered at Petronas station in Ampang around 11.30 before we head up to Kuala Kelawang touge. As all of you may already know by now, to head to Kuala Kelawang from Ampang KL, we have to go through three touges in total. We ourselves has never been to Kelawang in ages. Our last trip there was with DeOngster and his buddies. So, we had no idea on how the road condition over there gonna be…

+ Gathering at the end point of Bukit Arang.

Jared was riding with Azuri, while Antonia with Stanley while other that follow on that night as well was Admiral, Zali, Blue, Mail and Mat Gen. We went off to the first touge which is Bukit Ampang when Stanley drove off his R3 full throttle and had left us all behind in a second. The roads was all wet since it was just right after rain.

Stanley Second Stage R3
+ Stanley’s second stage R3.

While we were all approaching to the second touge point which is Bukit Arang, Azuri has decided to let Jared drive his car. Everyone blew off past both of them in a second while Jared was still busy in applying Azuri’s harnesses. This has left only two of them in darkness. In a few minutes later, Azuri’s becomes Jared co-pilot… Like a navigator. According to Azuri, a ride with Jared was too scary as he just rev up till redline at every single corners and not to mentioned that he’d understeer a few time plus one brake locking incident where the car was just sliding towards the gutter and wall… But Jared had everything under control.

+ Jared after he goes understeer.

By the time we reach Bukit Arang end point, all of the other guys was already gathered there. Waiting for Jared and Azuri. Antonia was screaming of joys and exitement and wanted Stanley to do the same thing again on round 2, but due to Stanley’s fuel that has gone low, he decided to went off home. Since we’re all at the middle of no where with no civilization and petrol station around, we have to agree with him. Mat Gen at this stage has headed back home too. By the time when we are all ready to hit the third and final stage of the touge which is Kuala Kelawang, Azuri switch back to the driver position and started to lead the remaining guys ahead. As came to their shocked, Kuala Kelawang touge has change a lot… The road condition has gone from good to worse with landslide here and there and not to mentioned a few of construction is taking place… So, they’ve decided to drive slow and making it just for the winding impressions…

After the nights end, we all then decided to go for a night swim at the nearest waterfall… More or less it was around 3am… None decided to swim since it was kinda cold but one guy did bare it all. The others was just walking in the waters, getting foot massage from the sands and stone underneath and gathered in the dark while Azuri was telling them ghost stories especially stories about that place… FYI, Jared was very much enthusiastic with ghost stories…

Night at waterfall
+ None of them decide to swim.

Night at waterfall
+ Foot massage in the water. Look at those sands.

Night at waterfall
+ Only one guy swims… And yeah, he floats!

Night #2 – Genting Sempah
A few nights later, we all then head up to Genting Sempah. This was the place Stanley was very excited in showing to Jared. This was the place where we had Mat Gen time attack trial. This was the place where we (Kansei members) has accidentally discovered. And the roads was still wet. And it was just a few minutes before the rains decided to stop.

Gathered at the junction near UIA
+ Gathering at the junction near UIA.

Jared was still riding with Azuri, while Antonia goes off with Zali. Stanley had his girlfriend, Rachel inside his ride while others that follow was Mat Gen, Mhz and Blue… We all gathered at the junction near UIA in Gombak and didn’t wait long for the action. Once they reach at the starting point, Stanley gunned off his pedal followed by Azuri from behind and both car disappeared in a second. Others that follow from behind was only prefer to do normal cruising. Mat Gen who was very good in uphill run has stated out that he can’t follow Stanley and Azuri’s in wet roads or in rains, so he decided to drive normally. We all sure that he’ll be good enough sooner or later…

End Point
+ Stanley’s talking to Zali, Mat Gen & Jared.

Once we all reach at the end point of Genting Sempah and it’s McDonald’s, Stanley decided to show Jared a few quick techniques he could probably learn with his R3. Jared looked very much excited about it. After a few spin, they both switch drivers but not long before the police came and ask for everyone driving license and offcourse, Jared and Antonia’s passport. But seriously… Nothing much happen. The police was just taking our data… In a minutes, the police left us all there and say “Welcome to Malaysia” to Jared… What a policeman…. 8)

Police On My Back!
+ Thank God, the police talk nicely to us…

After the nights end up, we all decided to went back to KL using highways since we were all tired… Jared and Antonia left back to Australia a few days later. And according to jared, he’ll post some videos on Gorge soon… It’s nice meeting them plus it’s nice to know Stanley and the oppurtunity given for having a touge session with him was very much fun! To Jared and Antonia, we missed you guys a lot! Lets have some fun again at the touge in future…!

+ Rachel, Stanley & Jared.

+ All of us…


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  1. there is a few little places where you will incounter “touge” in australia. i live in australia nsw. sydney. and my self and a few friend participate in touge on mountain passes which are tight and technical.our only interest for them are to improve our skills and fun =) we have a range of car . im in a subaru liberty. have rx7’s a rx2 , vw r32 , evo’s and wrx.

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