KANSEI Vidéo Première!

En conclusion, notre première vidéo visuelle! Finally, we’ve managed to do a ‘low budget’ version of our touge video. We’re terribly sorry for taking a very long time to produce one simple videos like this. As you guys already know, most of the members in KANSEI have others comitment that makes their 24-7 life packed with lots of stuff. So, the touge thingy was kind of a part time and happy hours for them.

Anyway, here’s KANSEI in making its premier appearence in YouTube online video community. As our love towards the sports grow, we’ve found ourself very much enthusiastic to share our point of view and it’s spirits.

This is a uphill battle between our new family member, Mat Gen (lead car) versus Azuri at Genting Sempah touge! Please DO NOT expect to see any drifting action as both cars was on FF setup. We’re sorry for the bad video resolution and sound. That’s all we can afford for now. Anyway, sit back, enjoy the ride…


24 Responses to “KANSEI Vidéo Première!”

  1. thanks dabok, liroy and pali. we currently don’t have any rollcage in our car since it is the same car we use for everyday use. huhu.. silly us yeah..! but we will work on it soon.. you are very right, we never know when those suspension will fail on us or any major crash is happening…

    thanks for the advice dude..!

  2. great vid dude….also nice touge route…but seems like got alot of hi speed corner..i’ll join u later aite…arggghhhh…..geram nak touge…but…transport????

  3. DeaconFrost Says:

    Try Cameron Highlands via Simpang Pulai bro. Mantap.

  4. Its so fast that it looked like it has been accelerated in post process.

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