In Loving Memory: Colin McRae

People come and go. Only that we never knew when and how it will end. So it goes to one of this legendary Rally driver which we respect in terms of driving styles and technique. Our heartfelt and condolences goes to him and his family. Colin McRae, a name that should be remembered for several time to come. Some of us get lots of inspiration in watching his videos before they could copy and tried to apply it on local touges. And we honestly at KANSEI never found Ford Focus to be very seducing until we saw McRea rock it hard. That’s how much impact he’s been giving to us and we wanted to share our feeling towards the lost to one of the worlds greatest Rally drivers who has a huge racing spirits lies in his family blood and dynasty.

Colin McRae died in a Helicopter crashed 1 mile north of Lanark, Scotland on 15 September 2007, which is close to the McRae family home. Police confirmed the next day that McRae, his five year old son Johnny, and two family friends, Graeme Duncan and Johnny’s six year old friend Ben Porcelli, died in the crash. McRae’s website,, was replaced with a memorial screen stating a few details about the crash, and later too with a short statement released on behalf of McRae’s father; Jimmy.

Here, we’ve posted some of the videos of him… Driving.

+ Colin McRae onboard camera.

+ Crashed – Rally Finland 2003.

+ Look at how he’d discover after goes turtle.

3 Responses to “In Loving Memory: Colin McRae”

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  2. yo guys! You can express your condolences on
    if you don’t have done yet

  3. Motorsport has suffered a great loss

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