KANSEI Interview: Touge King

We’ve gradually expanding KANSEI weblog style in additions with a few interview session (planned for coming future) that we found to be very much interesting to share with our fellow readers in here. We’ve planned to make KANSEI interview on a monthly basis with different selected drivers worldwide that we think should brings benefit to all of you guys out there.

No matter what level we all fall in. Either we are all beginner or already reach the ‘God Foot and Hands’ title (or even if you think you are real life Takumi), we at KANSEI think we could always learn something from other people experience as well as our very own. As we’ve posted on our earlier post, we’re not here to find any rival but we’re looking for a friendship that should last long and this is one of our way to share with all of you our friendship ethics and love towards what we all called ‘touge’….

Our first interview here featured Malaysian local with talent and skill to watch over. The one that we salute and respect. The one who’d prefered half grip and half drift kind of driving and he came with several experiences and stories on touges and race track as well. Hailing all the way from Cameron, Perak… We Present you ‘An Interview With Touge King’! Enjoy reading!

PICTURES CREDIT: Tistan Low, Shonny Loh & TK.

TK Interview

+ Good day TK. Please tell us a brief about your self? Where did the name ‘Touge King’ came from?
I am a psychologist with a need for speed. Once, during a spirited touge sprint, I felt very much “in-tune” to the road, which gave me a “King of the Touge” feeling, hence the name

+ If you don’t mind, please tell us how long have you been driving around touges?
I started driving around the Catalina Mountains in the US back in the early 90s. It has been 16 years, and it has been fun!

+ If you were given option to choose between FF, FR or MR layout cars to race on touges and track, which one do you prefer? Tell us why?
My choices, in order of preference, are 1) FR, 2) FF, and 3)MR. FR cars with 50:50 weight distribution are a lot of fun drive, I love the progressive tail-out at the limit, which is safe and fun. These days, Honda makes very sophisticated FF cars, such as the ITR (Integra Type-R), and the CTR (Civic Type-R). These are safe cars on the track, especially in the wet. However, these are not as fun to drive as FR cars. MR cars are very nice, but such a car tends to snap the tail rather violently, which could be rather dangerous in bad weather conditions.

TK Interview

+ Have you ever take part in any autokhana race style?
I used to race my FD RX7 in CACC solo II championship. I am not a big fan of cones though. In addition, you typically wait a long time to just have maybe a minute of fun, and then you’d have to wait again.

+ We’ve watch you drifting in videos, any plan to join D1 soon?
You are pulling my legs 🙂 I still have lots to learn in drifting, so nope, no plan for D1 anytime soon.

+ Beside having fun in Cameron Touge, is there any other touges that you’ve enjoy playing with?
I enjoyed the Kuala Kelawang touge some time ago. I used to go to Genting, but they have 3 speed bumps together on a section, meaning my touge machine couldn’t go up there anymore.

TK Interview

+ Okay, non touge question. Tell us about your Taekwondo stuff? Have you compete in any tournament?
I was a state level tournament fighter 20 years ago. I still practice daily for health and self defense, but do not compete in any tournament.

+ Which one do you prefer more, Taekwondo or driving i.e car racing?
Racing 😀

+ Tell us the truth: Drag racing doesn’t take anywhere near the skill course / touge racing (or off-road racing) requires, right?
Definitely. I don’t really think it should even be called racing. How hard is it to drive straight? Just make sure you have lots of money to build a high power car, and go through the gears… It is a money race.

Cameron Touge Team Logo

+ From our reading in your blog, you did mentioned that you only had 51HP… Seriously we don’t believe that. Tell us?
I am not sure if the 51hp was accurate, as I estimated the weight of my car, and input it into the G-Tech. However, I do not think my car is much more that 51hp.

+ Tell us about your current car setup and future planning towards it?
My car is running on a Toyota 5K pushrod engine, with twin Weber DCOEs. I am using TRD shocks and springs in the car. I am currently building a mecha-tune 4AGE 16V for the future.

TK Interview

+ Hmm.. Another off topic one. One of our members, (Burn) love to to race and drift shopping carts around every corner of the supermarket. What about you? Have you tried it before?
Hahaha.. 😎 This is an awesome question! Burn and I must be long lost brothers! I do that all the time. I even discovered that the front wheels automatically counter-steer, this led me to experiment it in my ex AE86 (long gone). Once the tail comes out, let go of the steering and see it counters itself! Of course, this may not be very healthy for your steering rack…

+ From your humble opinion, which is the fastest way in corners, grip driving or drift?
IMHO (in my humble opinion), I believe half grip and half drift, i.e., a mixture of both, is the fastest way through corners.

+ Tell us about your experience in open track? How was it when compared to touges?
I used to race in the Formula Ford series back in the days. The track was a lot of fun when everyone had similar cars, because your driving skills would shine. However, on an open track day, there are many high power cars, in fact, most cars have more horsepower and torque compared to the touge machine, so it was hard to keep up with them, unless I upgrade the engine.

TK Interview

+ We saw you and your friends were building up a Civic EK for a track use. How you think it gonna perform when it’s time to race against a GTR or an Evo or a scooby’s? Between you, Felix and Boy, who’s gonna drive it?
I have smoked many Skylines, Subarus, and Evos using a DC5 ITR on Sepang, so I don’t think they present any problem. Sadly, we have abandoned the EK due to financial constraints. Perhaps, when time and money permit, I shall try my luck at MME again.

+ If you ever had an oppurtunity to do Rally or super touring or Japan GT or even NASCAR race, would you participate in it and how do you think you would do on that?
I am not a big NASCAR fan, but I do love Rally, Super-Touring and JGTC. At the risk of sounding vain, I actually think I’d do pretty good. Come on people, just give me a GT car and I’ll show you LOL 😀

TK Interview

+ *Sigh… Another lame one. Between Karamjit and Djan, which one do you think is faster in corners?

+ Beside your track days, touges and a few other race stuff you do, where would you see your self in 10 years time?
Racing is all about money. I would love to compete in the MME in a serious car, like a Z4 M coupe, or a Donkervoort D8-RS.

+ Okay last but not least, your last words and shout out!
I want to give shout-outs to:
Han from Federal Bosch for looking after the touge machine,
Yeap, my driving buddy for sharing the fun,
Zoggee, a most generous and knowledgeable driver, for his guidance,
Boy and Felix for chasing off tourists on the touge,
Touge friends around the world, like KANSEI, for your support,
and last but certainly not least, S, for loving a crazy touge driver like me.

 Han - The Team Mechanic Yeap Zoggee Boy Felix S

+ KANSEI NOTE: Thanks to you for doing this interview! Hope to have fun with you sometimes soon… Take a very good care of your self and drive safe!

For more info on Touge King, check out his blog at tougeking.blogspot.com!


6 Responses to “KANSEI Interview: Touge King”

  1. cool as ice u are.be my sensei

  2. Risz, if you need to know more about him, do visit his blog at http://tougeking.blogspot.com/ or drop him an email… trust us, he’s a really nice guy..!

  3. Good info

  4. yeah. good info..good Qs an As..
    salud bro..

    but I wonder, how old is TK really?

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  6. i don,t believe a bunch of shit story (TAUGE KING) said…its a lie..c,mon rx7 fd, ae86…. get a real car dude, i knew you only had your garbage ke70 and te71.. when did you get rx7 or ae86 ..did mother nature on the touge gave you the car?? or some rich asshole sponsored it…?? you want to see real car? i have a ae86 trueno that can smoke your oldskool ke70 in seconds…so don,t talk big …because i know your backgrounds don,t try to mess with the 4th dan takumi fujiwara ehh……

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