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KANSEI Turned One!

Posted in Friendships with tags , , , , on October 19, 2007 by Team KANSEI

KANSEI is one year old! There’s so many things has happen along the way. Bad and good times come and go. People who was completely a stranger, has now turned to be like family. People who used to treat us like family, now has gone completely a stranger. That’s life anyway. The same things goes to our cars. From good condition to bad to worse… Then good again. Burn’s for example – From the most shinning car among us with new paint job now suffered broken lips and skirts, while Zali & Azuri car won the most scratched car of the year tittle after hitting a few things such as walls and guardrails.

It’s been one year since Burn first experienced driving on touge i.e Kuala Kelawang and puke right after that. It’s been one year since Blue fisrt felt the rush of adrenalin riding on a car that felt like a roller coaster. It’s been one year since Admiral actively running on touge’s using car besides his old time with motorbike. It’s been one year since Mhz helped and recommended to us his trusfull workshop and everyone was very happy to get a good price for repairing jobs. It’s been one year when Azuri find his new touge friends after being a lonely driver for a few years. It’s been one year for Zali lending his help through most of our difficult time in the team using his DIY knowledge. It’s been a while for Mat Gen to know and feel the excitements of other touges beside Genting Highland…

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Burn Mishap on Azuri’s Birthday

Posted in Cruise, Friendships, Mishap + Crashed on October 9, 2007 by Team KANSEI

Burn crashed last night! October 8 2007. The same date as Azuri’s 29th birthday. It is a date to be remembered for sometime soon and a lesson for each of us, no matter a person who are in the team or just a reader of this simple weblog. It is also a note to anyone out there that touge can cost your life. This is the real deal. Not some bunch of kids who’d prefer to have fun in a car park or writting their ‘imagination’ in their Friendster blog about tackling corners with heel and toe techniques at a roundabout behind their daddy’s house and later on bragging to most of their friends that they have perfected their cornering technique! Morons!

Burn or better known as Eijee78 in some local forum has finally made his way in joining ‘the cliff jumper club’ registering his name after Shalie and Azuri! But thank God that he is okay as well as his car which only suffered a few scratch and broken bodykits. Other parts of his car remain attached! Seriously… Thank God he is safe! He jumped off the cliff in Genting Sempah only at a few corners on the downhill section on our way back to Gombak. Luckily, after the jumping action, he’s car being stop by a bunch of trees if not, otherwise, he’ll be crashing till the Karak Highway down below at the height of more or less around 1500 – 3000 feet.

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