Burn Mishap on Azuri’s Birthday

Burn crashed last night! October 8 2007. The same date as Azuri’s 29th birthday. It is a date to be remembered for sometime soon and a lesson for each of us, no matter a person who are in the team or just a reader of this simple weblog. It is also a note to anyone out there that touge can cost your life. This is the real deal. Not some bunch of kids who’d prefer to have fun in a car park or writting their ‘imagination’ in their Friendster blog about tackling corners with heel and toe techniques at a roundabout behind their daddy’s house and later on bragging to most of their friends that they have perfected their cornering technique! Morons!

Burn or better known as Eijee78 in some local forum has finally made his way in joining ‘the cliff jumper club’ registering his name after Shalie and Azuri! But thank God that he is okay as well as his car which only suffered a few scratch and broken bodykits. Other parts of his car remain attached! Seriously… Thank God he is safe! He jumped off the cliff in Genting Sempah only at a few corners on the downhill section on our way back to Gombak. Luckily, after the jumping action, he’s car being stop by a bunch of trees if not, otherwise, he’ll be crashing till the Karak Highway down below at the height of more or less around 1500 – 3000 feet.

The road conditions was fair but very small and tight where only one car can go in at one time with walls and deep cliffs at both side. Overtaking here is very much dangerous and risky. There’s no railing at the road side which mean one mistake can cause somebody goes fly to either heaven or hell… More or less, the touges looks like Shomaru touge in Initial D…

KANSEI on ‘New Family Member’ article – 7.8.2007

We was cruising last night in Genting Sempah joined by Touge-R member, Shalie who was not driving his touge machine, but an A-Class Benz W168 instead. That’s mean, there was not even a race. Only normal driving on winding roads of Genting Sempah. But it was raining heavily last night and Burn was set to sharpen his driving skills in rain conditions. There was only four car who went up. Azuri lead all the way up followed closely by Risz (soon to join in KANSEI) leaving Burn and Shalie at far back in the rain while attacking uphill section. After reaching Genting Sempah R&R area, and a short chat, we all hit the touge again and start the downhill section. This is where it all happen…

Risz was leading for downhill, while burn on his back. Followed by Shalie and Azuri from behind. After a few corners, Burn brake system started to locked up and let him having some serious understeer action before the crash. Lucky us, it was Genting Sempah where tow trucks and workshop do operates 24-7. If it was Kuala Kelawang, it’ll be another story. Later on, Blue and Admiral came up to help Burn around his ways.

The towing process to pull Burn’s poor car from the cliff almost took about three hours including countless hours ‘waiting for the tow truck’ to arrive on the touge. We paid RM150 for the towing process and once the car touched the ground again, Burn drive it back home peacefully. Again, thank God that he is okay and thank God that he’s car is okay! So guys, drive safe on the touge, especially in rainy days…

Thanks guys for your call and concern. I’m okay with no internal injury. Do not let this case discourage you guys to touge, just be more careful. Majulah touge untuk negara! Cheers!

Burn on SMS

Burn’s Mishap

Burn’s Mishap
+ See? From the road to the cliff, there’s no guardrail.

Burn’s Mishap
+ Admiral and Blue arrival.

Burn’s Mishap
+ Burn’s car being stop by a bunch of tree tops.

Burn’s Mishap
+ Burn still can be laughing out loud after the crash! Proving he is a dedicated touge driver that should be taken seriously.

Burn’s Mishap

Burn’s Mishap
+ Towing up process that cost RM150 (after discount from RM250-300).

10 Responses to “Burn Mishap on Azuri’s Birthday”

  1. adeh.. no pain no gain I guess… be more careful guys… glad burn is ok… glad his car is ok… hopefully can bounce back quickly and stronger than before…

    happy belated birthday azuri… no present for you cos money finish for rayeeee… isk…

  2. Happy belated birthday Azuri!

    I hope Burn and his car are fine now. Please be careful when you touge in the rain. The traction of the road surfaces can change erratically. Thank god everyone is ok!

    Rock on Kansei!

  3. Ciao ragazzi!

    Man at first i was scared for you! But i’m happy that it’s all ok, unfortunately the FF layout have this big problem of understeer in general…..
    You right Azuri…this is real touge and real life

    drive safe and god bless us all 😉

  4. Thanks guys for the comment. Part of the problem is the car. My rear tires thread already worn off and front ones are started too. The brake system also haven’t been serviced for a long time. So I’ll continue touge run after I rectify all these. So guys, make sure your car in shape before going for touge session especially during and after rain. And I need to learn more in driving in the wets…

  5. thanks pak aji and TK.. and burn.. i tot you already good with ‘wet’ stuff…? LOL…


  6. Happy belated bday abg azuri! or should i call u uncle azuri? ..ahaha
    Btw,where’s my green packet? ..lalala..


  7. yup the most important is en. bakar ‘selamat’

    just next time we must more careful…!

    hepi touge!

  8. penat mencangkung amik gambar ..

  9. wahahaha!!!! :laugh: i’m in da picture too…..i wish i could record the moment it happened….. 😦 but thank god abg burn is back on his feet even after the narrow escape from the path to destruction…..

  10. driveryg.sivik Says:


    thank goody god nothing serious..

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