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Riz + Over Speed = Another Crash!

Posted in Cruise, Friendships, Mishap + Crashed on November 8, 2007 by Team KANSEI

It was last Friday night, November 2nd 2007. We’re supposed to hit Kuala Kelawang with DeOngster and Noel, but they’ve cancel due to some technical error. So, we was joined by one quite young dude on our trip. And there we goes… Another accident and crashes came into account of KANSEI in a few week since the last one. Another one happen just a few weeks after Burn’s mishap, but now it’s Riz turn! As usual, we was laughing out loud – straight in his face. Do we sound cruel? Nahh… We did it everytime someone had an accident. We’re not putting more pressures on the victim but to lighten the situations out. A few jokes wouldn’t be hurting that much right? Once we know that the driver is ok i.e survive, we’ll laugh and makes fun of him/her… But if the driver suffered any injuries – we’ll try our best to help him/her out. That’s us and that’s is how we treat our friends. As long as our buddies survived and lived, we’re extremely happy. We can buy cars but not live right? We can replace our car parts but not our bodies and that’s for sure…

Riz – Someone who is not in the team yet but has been very much enthusiastic to join in the team, who drive a Proton Satria 1.6 with 4-2-1 stainless steel extractor manifold, V6 2.0 gearbox, open pod air filter and some other modification he’s done in order to gain speed. He is someone who used to do drag race as his favourite past time who has suddenly fell in love with touges. He is someone who is very much brave enough to hit hard on touges especially for a starter but honestly, his skills and techniques was just not there yet. He is also can be considered as someone as a bloody hell egoist bastard who think he could tackle any roads and drive in his own manner. 😆 But that night we have proved that he was wrong… No – not us who proved it to him but the road, the place itself has lend him a lesson. It’s Kuala Kelawang touge for God sake – Where unpredictable things could happen… Easily!

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