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KANSEI Video: Genting Sempah – Downhill Battle

Posted in Battle Reports, Friendships, Time Attack, Videos on December 22, 2007 by Team KANSEI

Our second video is now up and running for your viewing pleasure at! This video featured Burn recovering and bouncing back once again after the crash last October battling over with new touge enthusiast we’ve met recently called Shahril with his ultimate Honda EG6 with B16A naturaly aspirated engine with straight exhaust piping! (This is dedicated for LW and Team Super Speed from Italy – We know that you’re an Honda fans)! Shahril used Yokohama Advan Neova AD07 on all four with Buddy Club lightweight sports wheels while Burn used Yokohama Parada Spec-2 on all four.

Still the video and sound conditions are at the worse point, we’re terribly sorry for the bad video resolution as we currently couldn’t afford those hi-end equipment. We’ll try to improve soon! Oh ya.. Before we forgot, this video was recorded from a third car view which was driven by Zali a.k.a Kura using his Motorola Razor placed on his dashboard. To view the original contents of this video, please kindly visit Zali @ YouTube or Team KANSEI @ YouTube for a final result videos.

Enjoy your ride…


Zali In Teluk Bahang Touge

Posted in Cruise, Expeditions on December 12, 2007 by Team KANSEI

None of us in KANSEI has ever step on Teluk Bahang touge in Penang except for Zali or better known as Kura2 in some local forum. He has landed in Teluk Bahang last week, alone in the dark – cruising for fun. It was supposed to be an expedition join by Burn, Mhz and Azuri on the northern trip, but due to some error, the expedition has been cancelled on last minute. Burn was sent to Indonesia for work purposed, Mhz got some last minute urgent program while Azuri has involved in an accident on Friday afternoon, 7th December 2007 on his way to the Mosque.

The expedition was set to be a friendship mission with three touge to run and test. It include Cameron Highland touge – To meet TK and friends with tea session and touge cruise. Sumpitan Pass in Taiping / Batu Kurau – To meet Pak Lah or better known as DriverYg.Sivik in some local forum with tea session and touge cruise. Teluk Bahang touge in Penang – To meet VictorGR and friends of TBS with tea session and cruise. To all the person we’ve make promised, we’re terribly sorry that the trip has been cancelled due to our last minute ‘unpredictible’ things that happen! We are sure there’s still a lots of time in future for us to meet you guys and have fun together!

Still, Zali went there alone – driving. At first we thought that he gonna take a bus ride to Penang since he has no one accompany him on his way up to northern part of Malaysia but due to his spirit in touge, he went there driving alone and cruising at Teluk Bahang alone… Anyway, here we’ve attached four ‘unofficial’ videos of him cruising at Teluk Bahang. By the time we’re writting this, we haven’t got the chance to meet him yet but we’ve recieved an sms from him telling us to view the video in YouTube.

So here’s Zali or Kura2 in Teluk Bahang…

+ Teluk Bahang Downhill Cruise Part 1.

+ Teluk Bahang Downhill Cruise Part 2.

+ Teluk Bahang Uphill Cruise Part 1.

+ Teluk Bahang Uphill Cruise Part 2.

Liroy, Dila & Mail In The House!

Posted in Cruise, Friendships on December 4, 2007 by Team KANSEI

Now only we’d realized that we haven’t post any activities going on for quite a while and for that we’ve been sinned! Lord of touge’s forgive us! Hehh.. Now that’s a joke which we don’t think it’s funny! Anyway let’s cut the crap… There’s a few things going in and out on our very tight schedule as our typical everyday really rape us out. We didn’t really had time to post on any new things… But we’re still somewhere out there hanging out for ‘teh tarik’ and still actively driving on those familiar passes. We’ve been to Bukit Tinggi and Genting Sempah touge for photoshoot sessions (last two weeks) but sad to say that it starts raining heavily on our arrival there. We’ll post Genting Sempah touge pictures soon…

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