Liroy, Dila & Mail In The House!

Now only we’d realized that we haven’t post any activities going on for quite a while and for that we’ve been sinned! Lord of touge’s forgive us! Hehh.. Now that’s a joke which we don’t think it’s funny! Anyway let’s cut the crap… There’s a few things going in and out on our very tight schedule as our typical everyday really rape us out. We didn’t really had time to post on any new things… But we’re still somewhere out there hanging out for ‘teh tarik’ and still actively driving on those familiar passes. We’ve been to Bukit Tinggi and Genting Sempah touge for photoshoot sessions (last two weeks) but sad to say that it starts raining heavily on our arrival there. We’ll post Genting Sempah touge pictures soon…

On 25 November 2007, we was all having a night out karaoke session in Yow Chuan Plaza, Ampang before hitting the Kuala Kelawang touge join by DeOngster (Toyota Starlet EP71), Noel (Proton Waja CamPro with Toyo Proxes T1R on all four), Kazukimy (Nissan A31 Cefiro), Shalie of Touge-R (Mirage-RS version) and another dude riding on a Perodua MyVi which we’ve forgot his name. It was all nice and pleasure to ride with you guys and we’ll ride again soon.  As for now, we’re here to welcome our newly join members in the team! Please welcome, Liroy, Dila and Mail…

And ohh, by the way, Mr Blue is now advancing to ‘downhill specialist’… Congratulations dude! 🙂

Karaoke session
+ We really don’t know how on earth did did song was in our karaoke song list but Blue manage to sing very well his own version of ‘Flying Without Wings’.

full moon
+ Full moon before we hit Kuala Kelawang.

the gathering
+ The gathering.

+ Kazukimy’s A31 Cefiro – Drift machine in the making!

sit and talk
+ Burn, Kazu, Myvi dude and Noel – Talking in the dark.

9 Responses to “Liroy, Dila & Mail In The House!”

  1. yuhuu…welcome Liroy, Dila & Mail to KANSEI…!

  2. Dell Devil Says:

    Finally ada wanita cantik dlm kansei..Baru ar berseri2 kansei 2 sbb dah ada beauty queen bee kat dlm.Lalalalalala

  3. Dell Devil Says:

    Blur gila 😛

  4. Dell Devil Says:

    *BLUE..Blue gila 😛


  6. Congrats to liroy, ‘die la’ & ‘u got a mail’…….

  7. Die..La? WDF..

  8. Ismet Ulam Raja Says:

    Waaa!…karaoke wooo!…nak ikut!

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