Zali In Teluk Bahang Touge

None of us in KANSEI has ever step on Teluk Bahang touge in Penang except for Zali or better known as Kura2 in some local forum. He has landed in Teluk Bahang last week, alone in the dark – cruising for fun. It was supposed to be an expedition join by Burn, Mhz and Azuri on the northern trip, but due to some error, the expedition has been cancelled on last minute. Burn was sent to Indonesia for work purposed, Mhz got some last minute urgent program while Azuri has involved in an accident on Friday afternoon, 7th December 2007 on his way to the Mosque.

The expedition was set to be a friendship mission with three touge to run and test. It include Cameron Highland touge – To meet TK and friends with tea session and touge cruise. Sumpitan Pass in Taiping / Batu Kurau – To meet Pak Lah or better known as DriverYg.Sivik in some local forum with tea session and touge cruise. Teluk Bahang touge in Penang – To meet VictorGR and friends of TBS with tea session and cruise. To all the person we’ve make promised, we’re terribly sorry that the trip has been cancelled due to our last minute ‘unpredictible’ things that happen! We are sure there’s still a lots of time in future for us to meet you guys and have fun together!

Still, Zali went there alone – driving. At first we thought that he gonna take a bus ride to Penang since he has no one accompany him on his way up to northern part of Malaysia but due to his spirit in touge, he went there driving alone and cruising at Teluk Bahang alone… Anyway, here we’ve attached four ‘unofficial’ videos of him cruising at Teluk Bahang. By the time we’re writting this, we haven’t got the chance to meet him yet but we’ve recieved an sms from him telling us to view the video in YouTube.

So here’s Zali or Kura2 in Teluk Bahang…

+ Teluk Bahang Downhill Cruise Part 1.

+ Teluk Bahang Downhill Cruise Part 2.

+ Teluk Bahang Uphill Cruise Part 1.

+ Teluk Bahang Uphill Cruise Part 2.

35 Responses to “Zali In Teluk Bahang Touge”

  1. datsun120ytouge Says:

    teluk bahang touge memang best…….klo kat track nie skyline pon leh kena ngan kancil……klo skill kancil tu superb la……selain teluk bahang track lain pon banyak kat penang nie……klo nak tau email gua kat……..k gua chow lu….long live chicane……

  2. thanks datsun120ytouge… 😀

    nanti inshaallah kalau kita org sampai penang, kitaorang roger kat ko.. in the mean time, try la hang out dengan bebudak dkt penang tu.. semua tu kaki-kaki teluk bahang touge..


  3. crx_chicane Says:

    yo team kansei…………

    gua dengar you all nak gie bukit putus kan………klo gie sana jgn lupa amik pic banyak2 tau……..gua dengar yang bukit tu best gak……..apsal gie kt bukit tinggi x banyak pon pic……you all amik la pic cam you all amik kt homecourse you kelawang touge pass……..long live touge no hashiriya…

  4. SandfisH Says:

    hi there…..kansei…..
    the thing that you ‘ll doing here is just like project d in the initial d…..well good effort for taking this seriously……

  5. SandfisH Says:

    hi team kansei………..
    i think beside teluk bahang touge, you all should check out this touge…..air itam dam touge……if teluk bahang is no joke for you all then this touge is even more psychotic……..imagine this, a touge without any guardrail….hmmm sound interesting isn’t it…….

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