KANSEI Video: Genting Sempah – Downhill Battle

Our second video is now up and running for your viewing pleasure at YouTube.com! This video featured Burn recovering and bouncing back once again after the crash last October battling over with new touge enthusiast we’ve met recently called Shahril with his ultimate Honda EG6 with B16A naturaly aspirated engine with straight exhaust piping! (This is dedicated for LW and Team Super Speed from Italy – We know that you’re an Honda fans)! Shahril used Yokohama Advan Neova AD07 on all four with Buddy Club lightweight sports wheels while Burn used Yokohama Parada Spec-2 on all four.

Still the video and sound conditions are at the worse point, we’re terribly sorry for the bad video resolution as we currently couldn’t afford those hi-end equipment. We’ll try to improve soon! Oh ya.. Before we forgot, this video was recorded from a third car view which was driven by Zali a.k.a Kura using his Motorola Razor placed on his dashboard. To view the original contents of this video, please kindly visit Zali @ YouTube or Team KANSEI @ YouTube for a final result videos.

Enjoy your ride…

23 Responses to “KANSEI Video: Genting Sempah – Downhill Battle”

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