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Monster Lan Evo In Kuala Kelawang

Posted in Cruise, Friendships on February 7, 2008 by Team KANSEI

Monster Lancer Evolution III has invaded Kuala Kelawang touge. This mean that Azuri’s 4 minutes and a half time record can be erase in anytime. Full time 4WD can easily tackle each and every single corner in Kuala Kelawang. This guy is actively running on close circuit such as the Batu 3 old days and now are actively taking parts in Sepang International Circuit events. He’s name is Ariel and he is such a nice and humble person we’ve ever met.

Azuri has received a phone call from Ariel on one morning inviting him and other KANSEI fellow to rock out in Kuala Kelawang but due to the heavy traffic on day time plus some of the members had already have their family plan, we was just cruising along the way. It was only Burn and Azuri who are from KANSEI, while Ariel was joined by his friends, Saha. Anyway, here are some of the pictures we took over that beautiful morning…

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