A Drinks With Touge King and Hillraiders

Finally, we had a chance to meet Touge King eye to eye (March 31st, 2008). What a very nice person he is we must say. He drove all the way from Ipoh down to Kuala Lumpur just to have a cup of drink with us. Now that’s really big and mean a whole lots of thing to us. His journey took him about one and a half hour before he reach KL in his fierce sounding new machine – Proton Satria Neo. TK drop by with his beloved girlfriend, ‘S’ and accompanied by Elaine (touge princess) and her boyfriend, Chris.

Our excitement just didn’t stop there, we was also catching up with Steven, second leader of the infamous touge team in Malaysia, Team Hillraiders! All hail Hillraiders! Since the very first start of KANSEI, big names of teams and individual has already came to our ears as they already grow legend. Team such as Hillraiders and TBS (Teluk Bahang Speeders) has their own unique story to tell to each of us as a beginner while individual like Ivan Khoong, Touge King, Zoggee and others has really shed some light on us with guidance and criticisms. We really appreciate every inch of its all. Without you guys, we will be no where near here…

A Drinks With Touge King and Hillraiders

Anyway, Steven was with a guy who goes with KE 86 as his nick name in local Chinese touge forum. We all gathered in Burger King in Sri Hartamas last night starting from 9 pm and ended up the meeting at 1 am. We was there to discuss about KANSEI recent battle in Genting Sempah which for us personally was not officials. Up until today, we never regards that night as a battle. It was a handicap game where 1 car has to go through a battle up with nine cars and not to mentioned, two professional drivers was there as well to witness small kids dogfight. Seriously, it was unfair! Although in an underground touge racing world anything could be happen, but that night has just went over board. Thank God that TK, Steven (Hillraiders), Elaine and some others are definitely on our side. They support us one hundred percent! Thanks folks!

As a conclusion to last night meeting, we will soon come up with some surprise we guess. This will later prove on what has really happen on that very night. But enough said… Soon, the truth will be exposed.

By the way, our outside expeditions will start on this coming weekend. So, expect to see a whole lots of pictures soon and most probably some videos with other enthusiast. We are on a friendly trip. This is affirmative. This is for sure! First stop, Cameron touge…

Touge for friendship! That’s what we crave! And, ohh.. Before we forgot, here’s a few of last night drinking pictures… 😀

A Drinks With Touge King and Hillraiders

A Drinks With Touge King and Hillraiders

A Drinks With Touge King and Hillraiders

A Drinks With Touge King and Hillraiders

44 Responses to “A Drinks With Touge King and Hillraiders”

  1. yeap2, make touge friends, not war… 🙂 come down when u have the time Lewre….eheh… 😉

  2. Steven: Later on when got free time, we can go yumcha. In this case of the Cari Forum touge friends, we hope you can be there too.. Cheers! 😀

    Kazu: Will invite you as well… 😀

    LW: Come.. Come visit us. There’s too many Honda drivers in Malaysia and we sure that you and mUgen gonna love it. Not only Honda, but you can see almost anything… 😎

    Auto2Manual: Thank God there’s nothing bad happen that night. Email us your detail and phone number. Sure we’ll invite you for a TT soon. let’s meet up and wash our eyes for some good scenery such as looking hot chicks around.. LOL

    Kyle: Thanks for your words Kyle and err.. Don’t forget those hot chicks you’ve promised us.. LOL.. 😆

  3. hey, give me a call when you guys go for K.Kelawang Touge, havent been there for a long time. Really love the place. hehe.

  4. Noel: Bro, we haven’t been to Kuala Kelawang touge for quite ages as well. We’ll definitely drop you a call soon. 😀

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