KANSEI Expeditions #1 – Cameron Highlands

Cameron touge expedition is finally over! After the Cameron Highlands trip and meeting all the Cameron Touge Team crew, we must say it leaves us a big remark in our heart. It was Massive! They were all friendly and very down to earth person and not to forget, a very highly skillful and knowledgeable drivers we’ve ever met. Believe us, We will never forget that day until the day we close our eyes. To make it worse, we’ve already been missing each of them and the touge itself! Gosh… So far, what we can say is that the Cameron ‘Touge For Friendship’ expeditions is successful!

We left Kuala Lumpur on afternoon, Saturday 5th April 2008 heading towards Simpang Pulai to meet up with Touge King along with Elaine and her nice boyfriend, Chris. We was all 4 cars which is Burn who was riding with Mail as his second pilot, Mat Gen and his girlfriend Yanie, Liroy and Dila who was riding with Blue and Azuri who was riding with his wife Mimie. We then later catching up with Zali a.k.a Kura and Roger in tapah Rest’n’Relax area for refreshment and later become 5 cars in total. We reach at Simpang Pulai more or less around 4 PM, two hours late from our schedule.

We stop for some leg streching after driveng for a few hours. LOL..
+ We stop for some leg streching after driving for a few hours. LOL..

Cameron Touge Lead by TK, Elaine and Chris
+ First introduction to Cameron touge by Touge King, Elaine and Chris.

We then wait for TK, Elaine and Chris at the bottom of Cameron mountain pass. Once he arrived, he lead us to their playground up until their proposed end point in his new Satria Neo ‘Black Knight’ machine followed by Elaine and Chris in their Savvy. We then all stop for a short chit-chatting and photo shoot before we wave them goodbye and heading up to Cameron Highland. Since some of us bring their ‘other-halves’, that’s mean we have to help them doing shopping. What else best in Cameron beside its snaky mountain pass for us touge lovers? Yes! For girls they go for Vegetables shopping. Flowers. Strawberries and a hell lots more. We even then later that night touge with our cars full with fresh flowers! LOL.

+ Uphill and downhill at Kea Farm

+ Blue with a hell lot of carrots.

We stop by Kea Farm, Rose Garden, Strawberry Park, Berinchang Night Market, Blue Valley and Tanah Rata for some shopping spree, food and pit stop for night pray before we heading down again to Simpang Pulai. As to our surprise, TK has invite most of Cameron Touge Team to join in the fun. Felix was there, Boy was there Hong was there, Jeremy was there too and it looked like everyone was there. Yay! We was so happy to had so many cars in touge – Sharing two things with one love and passion – Driving and Friendships!

Some nice hairpin turns
+ Some nice hairpin turns and we believe it has never been published by anyone.

Now isn\'t that looked like a C=121 in Initial D?
+ Now, isn’t that looked like C=121 in Initial D?

Once we hit the downhill section, we were all guide by the Cameron Touge Team to a restaurant for some refreshment and later we all hit the touge again. This time it was pure fun as everyone go and hitting their car limit. Each corners being tackle at the average of 110 – 130km/h. Now what do you think? As we’said earlier, Cameron Touge Team is really good and they have skills to watch over. They even drift their machine and run sideways in mountain passes. Now that is very rare in a country like Malaysia. 😀

+ Tanah Rata Town.

Berincang Night Market
+ Berinchang night market.

We run uphill and downhill for one last time before we all parted and wave everyone goodbye and promises to see each others again in near future. Now, we are all has become one family!

We left Cameron Highlands through Simpang Pulai Highway exit at 2AM and reach Kuala Lumpur at 3.30AM. A very tiring day for us all. It was 10 hours of driving in the whole Cameron touge plus 3-4 hours of driving in highways make it 13-14 hours of non stop driving. Can you take that? Urghh.. We was all tired and exhausted but we was all having pure fun! Due to our slow internet connection, we promise to post the video later… For more info, please read TK’s writing here.

Anyway, here a few pictures from many others… 😎

KANSEI next expeditions stop – Bukit Tinggi touge in Pahang. ~ Date to be confirmed!

Girls and flowers
+ Girls and flowers cannot be separated.

Tea session
+ Tea Session with Cameron Touge Team.

Tea sessions
+ Tea Session with Cameron Touge Team.

Boy\'s newly owned TE72 - Legendary Car From TK\'s
+ Boy’s newly owned the legendary TE72.

Tea session
+ tea sessions.

Boy\'s newly owned TE72 - Legendary Car From TK\'s
+ The legendary TE72 with a Japanese words reading TOUGE with Team BC Machine sticker on it.

19 Responses to “KANSEI Expeditions #1 – Cameron Highlands”

  1. wohooo..syok wei..
    strawberry pun tak abis makan lagi…..sayur pun penuh dlm peti ais.

  2. blue248 Says:

    yeah…great touge that nite…!

  3. Dell Devil Says:

    Hahaha..Mkn mee goreng sejuk,keow teow sejuk,roti sejuk..Hahaha..But..Its damn great!!

  4. err..the link to TK’s blog is not working laa I think..?

  5. Kazu: Kazu, next time make sure you follow us.. hehehe…

    DYS: Thanks for telling us about the link. We’ve fixed it!

  6. no phone number yet 😦 anywhos, met up with tk today, tried the kg gajah track. was scared to my balls 😀 boy did a good job showing what my car can do even with semi-botak tyres

  7. hillraiders Says:

    Nice Job Bro………
    keep it on.

    next time near near touge ( KL ) give a call la..i go out for fun drive K ??

  8. ismet ulam raja Says:

    Nice trip!…hopefully able to join in your next session there.

  9. harlo….
    ur team looks so happening…
    well…may i join u guys….

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