Cameron Touge Showdown #2

Last year when we published our first video – Genting Sempah Uphill Battle between Mat Gen and Azuri, we have received lots of feedback from all around the world and it seemed that the video has become ‘the most watched ever’ videos above all of KANSEI video collections in YouTube. Some are good and some are bad. But all that’s is normal and we thank you all for pin pointing our weakness and respecting our creative juices ideas that flow along the way.

But recently, there’s some rumors being spread around that either Mat Gen or Azuri has crashed their car and died terribly in that accident – in touge most probably. Wow… We never had any idea on who was the first to started this rumors but God know both of them are safe, alive and kicking… And we wanted it that way… Always!

Mat Gen and Azuri is currently busy dealing with their daily routine. Jobs, family and God knows what… To prove that, here we post another video of Azuri (going solo) in Cameron touge downhill attack. Please note that this video was recorded on April 5th, 2008 and by the time of this writing, both of Azuri and Mat Gen is still alive, walking among us in this planet called earth. We would like it to sustain that way and we pray for their safety… Not only limiting to them, but to all of you, our readers as well… Amen!

Note: One thing we should warn you is that this video is kinda dark due to Azuri poor headlights adjustment and poor camera equipment. We know, we shouldn’t publish this to public but since we’ve promise earlier, here it is. If you cannot see anything on the video, just listen to the music… That’s all we can say. LOL! Enjoy…

Coming Up: Team KANSEI next expedition trip – Bukit Tinggi, Pahang on May 3rd, 2008 and will be join by members of EPMC and Geng Turbo. This time, it’s gonna be a daytime touge run of friendship between turbo charged cars and natural aspirated engine. Stay tuned…

10 Responses to “Cameron Touge Showdown #2”

  1. evilaine Says:

    muahahahaha.. who the hell so damn freaking free nothing to do but creating such amusing story?

  2. We had no idea Elaine but it does scare us a bit.. 😎

  3. wow guys!
    but where you find this fantastic musics 🙂
    you can really feel the mood of the event

  4. bwahaha.,…LMAO…..mat gen and azuri had dead?den all this while…who had i been seeing?….lol……anyway…May 3rd wor…Bukit Tinggi summore….gud luck bro…haha

  5. lolz, well i just came back from there with tk, haha that driver is super fast lar!

    good luck to u guys in bkt tinggi, get some video too!

  6. err..
    kenot see much laa..
    must-go-to-nearest- cc-to watch-video-
    and i oready read the reports/see de pics at GT.
    but too simple arr…
    hope you people can write more details in Kansei and,
    ofkos I promise not to ‘drift’ my comments here too much hehe..

    err..summore but not a related topik,
    anybody at kansei do some correction please :

    “#03. Sumpitan Pass, Perak – Date to be confirmed
    Meeting with DriverYgSivik (member of GT Forum) and a brief introduction to Sumpitan mountain pass From lenggong to Ijok, Perak Darul Takzim.”

    shoulde be Perak Darul Ridzuan ehee..

  7. shalie Says:

    muahahaha….both drivers are alive and did meet up with azuri recently for bukit tinggi touge for friendship 🙂

  8. good job and nice music bro.. well done!!!

  9. crazy.. a few near misses there.. it was already so fast on video.. i bet it feels 10x faster in the car.. thumbs up for malaysia dare devils!


  10. Thanks Choon! We’re sure there’s many ‘very good’ daredevils on each part of this world..! 😀

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