KANSEI Expeditions #2 – Bukit Tinggi

Okay.. We admit that we’re late again to publish this article up on the web blog. It’s almost a month since our last expedition to Bukit Tinggi. We’re terribly sorry. As usual, we had no any other excuses from being late beside our daily routine that has really rip our life apart. Busy. One fucking word that has really turned our 24-7 life a living hell… If only we could quit our daily job and become full timer doing touge review and such. LOL. Anyway, here goes the report…

KANSEI Outside Expedictions #2 - Bukit Tinggi

Finally, Bukit Tinggi touge expeditions with ‘Touge For Friendship’ campaign has over between EPMC, GengTurbo along with KANSEI members (joined by Touge-R)! Yay! And as for the moment, we plan to take a rest for a while before continuing the expeditions to next destination. We can’t confirm the exact date yet but most definitely the next expeditions will not going to be in the coming few weeks as we need to look and check on the car first. Something need to be fix… 😀

After a long journey on Cameron Highlands and May 5th expedition to Bukit Tinggi, we guess it’s time to service our cars. Some of our cars has already suffered water pump break down, clutch pump break down and the worse part is, some of our members tires has started to wear off. Their Yokohama Parada Spec-II only left about 30% of tread wears. That mean they will need a new set of tires very soon before the next journey took place. Not to mentioned, brake fluids should be flush with a new set of DOT 4 or 5 and brake pads should be taking under consideration as well.

KANSEI Outside Expedictions #2 - Bukit Tinggi
+ 10 AM at Genting Sempah end point of uphill.

Yeah that’s the issue you have to play around when you wanted to get serious into touges. Every single inch of your car details and safety issue should be taking under consideration. Streering, gear ratio, tires, brakes and others should be taken care at an optimum level. Okay! Enough about those car shitty thingy… Let us tell you about the Bukit Tinggi expedition…

KANSEI Outside Expedictions #2 - Bukit Tinggi
+ Lead by Reed Glanza and follwed by Mizal and Shalie’s machine.

It was a very hot afternoon of May 5th, 2008 and this would be our first day time touge run! There was only 4 person from KANSEI who join the Bukit Tinggi expedition and that included Shalie (accompanied by his sweet girlfriend, Melissa) of Touge-R who happen to be part of Team KANSEI as well. We was later join by Reed, Ariel and Boy KKB from EPMC and Mizal from GengTurbo. We all gathered and meet up at a restaurant near Technique High School of Gombak at around 8.30am for breakfast session (and yeah, we was there to watch UIA students and hot chicks as well) before hitting the first touge point in Genting Sempah (Jalan Gombak).

The first run on Genting Sempah was treated mildly as everyone was saving up their tires before we continue for Bukit Tinggi touge. Once we reached the guard house at the bottom of Bukit Tinggi, we was join by Boy KKB of EPMC and without wasting our time, we all hit uphill in no second.

KANSEI Outside Expedictions #2 - Bukit Tinggi
+ Fresh air and chit chatting at the peak of Bukit Tinggi and err.. Rabbit Park.

Boy and Reed who both used a Toyota Starlet Glanza with 4EFTE turbo charge engine run on uphill like a wind and they was join by Kultus who run on Suzuki Swift Cultuse, also equipped with Toyota’s 4EFTE and Ariel who run on Mitsubishi Evo Lancer III with 4G63T 4WD monster engine. Ariel car who’d run on a ‘tarmac rally’ setup plus his driving skills makes him conquered Bukit Tinggi twisties easily…

Bukit Tinggi touge starts at 250 meter above sea level and a peak that reach around 900 meter above sea level can makes Subaru Impreza or any other turbo equipped machine with amateur driving techniques suffered turbo lag issues, but these guys from EPMC and GengTurbo are damn good in eliminating the turbo lag issues without hassle and not to forget that they’re damn fast in corners!

KANSEI Outside Expedictions #2 - Bukit Tinggi
+ Ariel looked happily laughing.

One we reached the top of the hill, we drove our car to the Rabbit Park and decided to take a few minutes rest. Some of us filled up their lungs with cigarettes and H2o before deciding to hit the interesting downhill section where everyone was very excited about… We took about 15 minutes to setup car camera on Ariel’s Lancer Evo III, Azuri and Kura’s Satria and Shalie’s Mirage to record the downhill run, but as the run started, everyone was too excited on the course and later the video become useless to show any dramatic action not to mentioned, Kura’s video has later all gone corrupted… LOL.

As we reached the end of Bukit Tinggi downhill section, we was approached by a guy in maroon colored Proton Wira. He was shouting angrily at us saying that our driving is kind of dangerous and saying that if we wanted to drift, please do it in Genting Highlands. Now, what the fuck? First of all, we didn’t even used full racing line on the downhill section as there’s too many traffic and not to mentioned that each of us was driving mildly, meaning not even go our 100% capabilities. Second – We don’t even drift. Third – How can you even drift in Genting Highlands when there’s too many humps on the downhill section? Fuck it…

KANSEI Outside Expedictions #2 - Bukit Tinggi
+ Boy KKB – Comes in good preparation.

Mr Reed of EPMC with his Starlet Glanza 1.3 turbo with 4EFTE – Auto transmission went first. The guy in that maroon colored Wira even mis thought that it was a Perodua Kancil. Now that’s funny… He can’t even differentiate a Toyota Starlet and Perodua Kancil. LOL! Yeah! Mr Reed drive an auto and we couldn’t catch him at all on the downhill run. LOL. Reed who was spending his youth day playing in Batu 3 speedway has showed us what an auto car could do and he has proved it! 😀

It was so much fun as everyone was pushing their limit. The G-force of Bukit Tinggi was really not a joke. It was damn HUGE! Shalie went second with his 1.3 NA while others just follow behind. Azuri even went terribly understeered on the downhill and almost went into the ditch or almost bang the wall of Bukit Tinggi (as soon as his tires losing its grip due to the hot weather) in one corner but manage to go home in one piece… Thanks to his ‘unimaginable’ counter steering works. LOL! To cut everything short, it was a fun-fun day! We was all driving on a safety margins – meaning overtaking on a straight and not blind corners, not using the full racing line and that is the best part out of it. We scared each tourist that went up and down the hill that day… And off course we were sorry for that.

KANSEI Outside Expedictions #2 - Bukit Tinggi
+ End of downhill run. Everyone was happy except Shalie after he drop some of his coins.

Since this is our first time doing day time touge, we’ve found out a few things…

  • Blind corners are much more difficult to tackle since you cannot see the coming vehicles – If nights, you’ll see their headlights first, most probably.
  • Full racing line is almost impossible or too dangerous to initiate.
  • Too much traffic going up and down makes driving fast on touge’s a bit dangerous and overtaking is near to impossible.
  • Hot weather eat your tires fast! Yeah – That’s the truth of driving under striking hot sun.
  • Cooling systems may run berserk – Revving up till redline is not advisable under hot sun unless you have a very good cooling systems.
  • Wear short pants and t’shirts – If not you’ll be sweating like a pig.
  • … And some other minor stuff.

As for conclusion, the Bukit Tinggi – Touge For friendship campaign has really went successful and we was all happy about it. No matter what car you drive, what kind of engine displacement you had we all shared one thing and passion – TOUGE DRIVING AND FRIENDSHIP!

Ariel\'s Lan Evo
+ Ariel’s Monster Lancer Evo III. (Picture credit – Mizal)

Now that’s the spirit!

Stay tuned for the ‘not-so-dramatic’ video soon… 😀

KANSEI Outside Expedictions #2 - Bukit Tinggi
+ We saw this banner on our way home. Thanks for voting the oppositions! LOL.


15 Responses to “KANSEI Expeditions #2 – Bukit Tinggi”

  1. Ivan Khong Says:

    a montage of cars, for you to view:-

  2. huhu….just normal color la kazu 🙂 anyway, it was a splendid day to have the touge for friendship trip 😉

  3. Somehow i missed the point. Probably lost in translation 🙂 Anyway … nice blog to visit.

    cheers, Sixpence.

  4. Jak: Team dalam banner tu jugak la yang buat harga minyak melambung sekarang ni.. Aktiviti touge kena kurang la kot? 😀

    Ivan Khong: Bro Ivan, Sorry that we couldn’t turn up on that event. We was having some other things on that day. We will try to make it some other time perhaps… And err, how bout we go for yumcha sometime in near future? Can invite DeOngster and friends as well.. 😀

    Sixpence: Can we light you way somewhere somehow?

    Kazu: You should join next time.. hehe.. 😀

  5. duh!
    bestnya reading all these reports on your touge trips.
    very informative indeed.
    jumps me back to de two nights riding shotgun with azuri years ago…

    well, I’m going to KL this november.
    but I guess still afraid to join you all in your touge adventures.

    duh, it’s the same thing as always…i’m not confident at all to follow korang, looking at de current condition of me car.
    currently running on virtually botak rear tyres, with suspension setup that is quite a semi-bitch sometimes (although it still serves me right, so far…elee you know my speed’s not as fast as you all are ekeke) plus haven’t really completed the brake servicing job yet, which started just before raya nearly a month ago.

    but deep down i sense that the real reason is…meself being ‘shrinking stomach’ (kecut perut) by only imagining going that fast on a downhill route, following along or maybe, following really far along, from behind…you all.

    haha I’ve been ranting & grumbling pointlessly, just now.
    I guess I’m just missin’ you guys.

    missin’ … but still, shrinking stomach deep inside.

    ok, hope to see you guys in november!
    until then, gud luck ya all, ride good…ride like you’re de wind.

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