The Return of Kuala Kelawang Touge

HELL YEAH..!! The Return of Kuala Kelawang touge and it’s galore! LOL! And this time we have videos and pictures coming with this report! Consider it as our first homecourse video. We never record any video on our homecourse and this is the first time… Fucking F.I.R.S.T.T.I.M.E! Wondering why ehh? Too many reason for us to list down. Only God knows why we never record any video in our very own homecourse… On a place like this? You should be much more careful… 😆

It’s been a while since our last visit to Kuala Kelawang. It must be since Risz crashed last time or a cruise with Cultuse of GengTurbo or perhaps the time when Azuri break the time record…? We can’t really remember. When the Malaysian government decided to increase the price for petrol and diesel, it is more or less has affected not only our life in the team but other citizen as well. The new price state by the government has really makes our touge activities become much more slower especially the expedition plans. *sigh. But last Tuesday i.e. June 24th, 2008, we all head up to Kuala Kelawang again. There was three cars which is Mat Gen who was having Kura as his co-pilot, Azuri and Burn. And.. To add some spice on the run, we was all later joined by a friendly dude name Danni (Not he’s real name anyway) who was very skillful and fast to run on a mid-ship monster = SW20 MR2 equipped with 3S-GE Toyota’s.

Danni who is happen to be Kura’s junior in University of Warwick, England has contacted Kura recently to test up his new exhaust piping system and decided to head up to Kuala Kelawang. Without anymore waiting, Kura invited a few guys from the team to light up their way to the touge. We all later meet up at Petronas, Jalan Kolam Air Panas in Ampang around midnight, waiting for Azuri before we all start to drive through Hulu Langat – Kuala Kelawang. Everyone drive slowly to safe up some fuel through Bukit Ampang and Bukit Arang touge before they send the pedal to the metal in Kuala Kelawang touge.

SW20 in Kuala Kelawang touge
+ The SW20 loves Kuala Kelawang touge.

The uphill run was lead by Mat Gen, followed by Danni in his SW20 and followed slowly behind by Azuri and Burn. Mat Gen didn’t finished the uphill run until the end point due to some technical error he’s facing with his car. The throttle cable seem to stuck which makes his car revving up hi automatically even he has lifted up his foot. A few kicking on the pedal has resolved his problem later. Burn who is next responsible to lead the downhill part. His 4G91 DOHC machine lead all the way down to the base followed by Danni and chased by Azuri.

Once everyone has safely return to Kuala Lumpur, we all stop at Bukit Ampang / Langat for some photo shoot out and chit chatting before waving everyone’s goodbye. It was a fun night as we get the chances to ride along with a monsters such as the SW20. Thanks Danni! Thanks for the fun and we should be doing this again soon…!

Here’s a pictures of the fun night and the videos of uphill (halfway) and downhill. Enjoy!

SW20 in Kuala Kelawang touge
+ We love the ass of this machine!

SW20 in Kuala Kelawang touge
+ Danni has lead the car to it’s original purpose. Build for touge, not for some hanky panky clubbing stuff! We salute you Danni!

SW20 in Kuala Kelawang touge
+ Danni has been in love with SW20 since his UK years.

SW20 in Kuala Kelawang touge
+ Yeah… That’s us, handsomely chatting in Bukit Ampang.

SW20 in Kuala Kelawang touge
+ The uphill and downhill leader.

SW20 in Kuala Kelawang touge
+ SW20 at the top of Bukit Ampang. The car has met it’s build purpose.

+ (Halfway) Uphill run lead by Mat Gen 4G93, followed by Danni in his SW20 with 3S-GE. Recorded by Azuri.

+ Downhill run lead by Burn 4G91, followed by Danni in his SW20 with 3S-GE. Recorded by Azuri.

… And err, to Abdullah Badawi – Fuck off for holding us to do our favorite things – TOUGE!


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