KANSEI Fraser’s Hill trip with GT/EPMC team B

Only one KANSEI guy managed to make it…this was last August dudes…sorry for the late post. It was a splendid day when I have the opportunity to join these guys again right after the bukit tinggi trip…vids are not clear n i don’t intend to upload it anyway. the cars joining this time are damn powerful and equipped with good jap made adjustables n advan neovas against my yokohama parada 😦 compared to me.. but as touge for fun & friendship, i managed to fit in 🙂 …well…enjoy the pics thou 😉

Report by: Shalie


6 Responses to “KANSEI Fraser’s Hill trip with GT/EPMC team B”

  1. go touge also never invite me!

  2. hahaha… in fact i’m alone go mah… i’m from TOUGE-R. So i follow them just on KANSEI behalf only le 🙂 i’m a doubleagent…. 😉

  3. bwahaha…double agent!!!…lolz…anyway…nice coverage….
    hope can get a proper manual car nex year…den juz follow u all from behind…haha

  4. No need manual tranny…. my Silver91 and the MicaBlue91 pictured herein are also AT equipped machines… just enjoy the ride….. in fact, Shalie is now not only double agent… he is a multiple agent…

  5. hahaha…. multiple agent not luxor or other MLM arr…. insurance agent oso bukan… 🙂 those AT glanza’s are not much diff with those manual ones…..damn their ratios are superb….not even a gurls car to the market… more like a jumping boosting compact cars…. 😉

  6. oo….den will try to find some times to join ady….oh yea…im a slow driver too…hehe…so u all had to wait for me…wakaka

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