Zali a.k.a Kura Is Now A Husband

Zali or better known as Kura, one of our member is now officially married to Elly, the girl of his life. So, we guess, he’s not single anymore.. So, girls with bad intentions should stay away.. shohh.. shohh…

We did a small group convoy to the east side of Malaysia coastal line to celebrate Kura’s big day and we all end up the day by hanging out at the beach of Teluk Batik in Kuantan, Pahang, one of the nicest beach in Malaysia to catch the sunsets. Here a few pictures of that day…

+ The wife’s and girlfriends.

+ The husband’s and boyfriends.

+ At the beach.

+ After McDonald’s session.




+ The waves.

+ The poeple.


3 Responses to “Zali a.k.a Kura Is Now A Husband”

  1. Congratulations Zali!!!

  2. Congrats…. selamat menyambe!

  3. congratulations Kura!!!

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