KANSEI Video: Bukit Tinggi Downhill Battle

Ahh.. It’s snowy here again in wordpress… Meaning that we’re going to our third year as a team.. Damn, how time flies… 😀

Recently, while we was cleaning up our hard disk space on our computer, we’ve saw this old video of Burn battling on downhill attack with Mizal a.k.a Kultuih in Bukit Tinggi, Pahang. This was an old video recorded somewhere in April 2008 but we just couldn’t find enough time to upload it to YouTube. Finally here it is making its way to a greater audience…

This video was recorded long ago before the Berjaya Hills Group managements decided to put a speed bump in Bukit Tinggi to prevent speeding vehicles. Yes.. That’s suck for us touge lovers. This touge was as well one of the finest road conditions touge’s in Malaysia since it is a private property roads and it has road-side lampose to light up your way up and down at night, meaning it is not as dark as Kuala Kelawang and any other touges… But in other way, it does suck for us since we barely see the upcoming vehicles head light and it made our camera result looks fugly..

Anyway, enjoy the vids… 😀


7 Responses to “KANSEI Video: Bukit Tinggi Downhill Battle”

  1. Wow, wished I was there 🙂


  2. wahaha….video baru siottt…. 🙂

  3. you guyz still in active mode eh. u guyz touge frequently ke? can i join?


  5. Cuma nak bg pendapat aje…
    saya rasa kalo ada sorang yang jaga finising line lg baik bole
    bgtau kalo2 ada kereta yang datang arah yang bertentangan..
    so bole la keta yang test kat jalan tu rasa lebih konfiden untuk guna
    sepunuhnya jalan yang ada… mcm cita katun initial d. tu
    cuma cadangan je.. hidup sukan permotoran malaysia walaupun Illegal hehehehe……

    • Mmg kitaorang kadang² letak member² kat finishing line.. cuma masalahnya kitaorang takde walkie talkie je untuk communicate between marshals… anyway thanks for the comment enche dabok..! 😀

      • 6fugtjr Says:

        bukan dah sekarang well organize ker? dah ada starter and finishing point. Last week ada game gak kan? End of this month pun AAM ada event kat sana.

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