We Are Back!


Guys and girls…

Touge (mountain passes) lovers from all over the world. Friends from each part of the globe. Touge King, Boy, WinDz, Kultuih, Oreedo-San, Ariel, Blakzed, Jak, PokLoh, Danial, LW and Mugen from Italy, Bro858, Chean from Ipoh, all the guys from Penang, all the guys from Cameron Highlands, Melaka, Selangor, Kuala Lumpur, USA, Brazil, Russia, Italy, Australia, New Zealand, Japan, all the guys from EPMC, GT Forum, Chrix… And everyone that we’ve might drop your name in here, we never forget about you guys (you know who you are) and WE’RE TERRIBLY SORRY FOR KEEPING YOU GUYS WAITING for the new version update. And yes, we’ve took a very-very-very long time to update this humble side and yet you guys keep on visiting it.. We’re honored!

THANK YOU GUYS AND GIRLS! There’s nothing in this world we could pay back to you guys for the friendship that you’ve offered to us!

… And now, we’re back in here again to share with each of you the continous journey of Kansei 2.0! And yay!! We have new logo as well..!

More posting will be update soon! Until then, have a nice day ahead everyone, happy touge and drive safe!

Best regards,


NOTE: A huge thanks should go to Shalie for monitoring the site when us was not around. You’ve done a very good job dude and we really appreciate that! You’re the man..!


18 Responses to “We Are Back!”

  1. Dis one..a lotsssssssssssssssss better!!cool..huhuhu.

  2. wow kansei site is back online! jom touge jom!

  3. time to touge!

  4. Hey guys, welcome back!


    Would love to join you guys once my car is ready.

  5. akatectuning Says:

    encik2 kansei sekalian… sila2 la masuk dan belajar pasal ECU, dan anda boleh buat sensiri lepaih ni di sini http://www.akatectuning.wordpress.com

  6. nakazato69 Says:

    miss the sound of my screaming parada.
    buzz me when u guys are ready to push some limits


  7. Salam Aidilfitri dari Kami SeTouge

  8. how come so long never updated?

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