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9 years and counting

Posted in Automotive on September 11, 2015 by Team KANSEI

Hello there. I think it has been quite a while me posting some things. Touge has a new direction now. It is fun to see new groups emerging and for the love of touge growing in Malaysia. Legal events come and go. Team mates in Kansei moved on focusing on life itself. Some moved to the safer environment of the tracks. Well, goodluck to the touge lovers who supported the scene and loving it as we do many many years ago. Kudos to you guys! 😀


Bukit Putus Midnight Balls Video

Posted in Automotive on April 8, 2011 by Team KANSEI

Credits to Taka TOUGE-G for the video… 😀

KANSEI in Touge Gombak – Batang Kali – Genting Sempah – Bentong

Posted in Automotive on October 27, 2009 by Team KANSEI

Happened around 12 October 2009. It’s a cool coverage by TRAFFICmag online, about 14cars in the event…. more can be read at:

Kuala Kelawang Touge Now In Online Game!

Posted in Automotive, Friendships, Online Game, Photos, Race Events, Rally, Test Drive, Time Attack with tags , , , , , , , , , on January 20, 2009 by Team KANSEI

Kuala Kelawang touge track has now online and available for everyone to test and drive on it. The track now stand side by side with legendary tracks such as The Tsukuba Circuit, Suzuka Circuit, Ebisu, Montegi, Irwindale and a few other well known names.. Off course it is not in reality, but hey.. It’s on this game simulation we’re talking about now. Thanks to people at Oversteer Forum of Australia and specially for Mr DMz for making our homecourse available for an online game known as rFactor with the name of Kansai Touge. Off course it didn’t really reflect or the images and 3Ds animation near to the real touge courses of Kuala Kelawang and it has been modified a bit but hence the name, it’s Kuala Kelawang for pete sake…!

There’s a tons of selection for cars that available for users to choose from as well as the tracks for circuit racing, rally and touge. Like we’ve mentioned before, there are even Tsukuba Circuit include in it. But each of the tracks, circuits and touge courses has first to be downloaded to your computer before you can enjoy it.

First of all before you can enjoy the game, you should spend some time to download the game engine as provided by ISI at and download the mod at Oversteer drift mod and you’re ready to go. There’s a plenty of courses, circuit and tracks to be downloaded as well depends on where you want to practice and race.

Hell yeah.. We did say RACE! They even held a weekend battle on numerous circuits, tracks and courses and you are free to participate and battles with people from each parts of this very Planet Earth! And no worries about hitting the guardrail, jumping off the cliff and any kind of crash you had ever imagine as your real car is still parked in your home garage… And oh, they even have a flight simulation in it. When else you can fly with your car? Only inside game.. Now, go wank this stuff..!

For more info, please visit:

Oversteer Forum
Kansai Touge
Team KANSEI homecourse (Reality)

Here, we include a few of it’s screenshots as well to get your pants wet you gamers freak! 😀






AE86 Trueno / Levin Chassis Wanted!

Posted in Automotive, Photos, Wanted with tags , , , , , on May 6, 2008 by Team KANSEI

Toyota AE86 Trueno GT Apex

Dear readers, we need some help from you guys / girls… We have secured one complete engine of 4A-GEU 20 valve (Black top) through an old friends. The engine is now ready to show some potential either on circuit or on touge. After our long waiting, the engine is here. There’s only one thing that we’re lack off… A good chassis…

We are looking for a ROAD LEGAL old car which is Toyota AE86 Sprinter Trueno or Corolla Levin GT Apex hatchback model. No matter if it’s a ‘Zenki’ (models produced from 1983–1985) or a ‘Kouki’ (1986-1987). Preferably the right hander driver (Japanese / UK spec).

Anyone who are selling or know anyone else who are selling, please do let us know. We’re not looking for the modified one but solely looking for the stock condition one as we’ve planned to buid it up to our own spec. No matter if the body and chassis is rusted, We’ll take it. And no matter if there’s no engine anymore, We’ll take it as well… Please take note, we’re not looking for the chop one i.e the chassis has been chopped and then reassembled again as one piece. We’re looking for the solid piece one…

The price We’re willing to pay for is not more than Ringgit Malaysia 13,000. If you know anyone or you wanted to sell it less than that, then please contact us through our email at We’ll be paying you not more than Ringgit Malaysia 13k CASH after we’ve look at the car chassis. And if you know anyone or you might be able to ship the car for us here in Peninsular Malaysia from lets say.. Japan, Philiphines, Thailand, Sabah / Sarawak, We’ll work on the paper and documentation for you and we can discuss about the shipment thingy later.

As we’ve said earlier, we’ve already had the engine, just looking for the chassis. Buzz us soon and thanks for your time!

Toyota AE86 Levin