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Kuala Kelawang With Northern Friends

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On Friday, we recieved one sms from Steven of Team Hillraiders telling us that they will hold a gathering with touge enthusiast coming down from North part of Malaysia somewhere near Genting Sempah touge. And he said that Touge King of Cameron will be there as well. At first we thought that there will be some touge shodown that night and we was just wanted to come and watch. But it turned out to be that they have some ‘unfinished business’ here to take care off on a few things.. And yes, they’ve did it well..! 😀



On saturday night, we all gathered at Steven Corners Cafe in Pandan Indah. There was just Burn and Azuri of KANSEI that managed to meet up with all the buddies from north. Other members was outstation currently. Kura is in Bali, Indonesia, Mat Gen is in Kelantan – busy preparing for his wedding soon, Admiral was in Alor Setar…



Burn who is still not fully recovered from his previous motorbike accident, came with a bandage hand and ride in Azuri’s car on that night as a co-pilot. At first, Steven of Team Hillraiders asked us to lead their way to Kuala Kelawang touge, but due to some problems with Azuri’s car he refused to lead and just wanted to follow everyone from behind with a cruising speed.




The road conditions was wet and slippery as it was after rain. Once they all reached the base point at Kuala Kelawang touge, all of the participated drivers started to blast off and roaming into the dark night and hilly road of Kuala Kelawang. There was lots of cars.. From Perodua Kenari, Turbocharged Wira, Toyota Vios, Perdana V6, Satria Neo, Toyota KE70, Proton Waja, a Hilux.. Yes, you read it right.. Hilux! And it is damn fast around those twisties plus a few other cars including Azuri’s ‘more-to-a-problematic’ Satria.. LOL.

After the run started, it just by then Azuri realized that his headlight cannot put on high beams. It’ll go blank if high beams is switched on but it’ll normally operated if the head lights is put to normal. Once they all finished the uphill session, Azuri managed to tweaked the wiring of his car and get it back working narmally once again.



Then was the downhill part – Heading all the way to Jelebu. And once we’ve reached the finished line, we all stop for drinks at jelebu side and ended up the night there. Not wanted to go all the way through the touge again, Azuri and Burn decided to drive up all the way to Seremban before exiting to PLUS Expressway. They reach home at 4.30 am.




We had a blast! Thanks for coming here guys… You guys are awesome..!
For readers who might want to read what TK has said about that night, please click here.


KANSEI Expeditions #2 – Bukit Tinggi

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Okay.. We admit that we’re late again to publish this article up on the web blog. It’s almost a month since our last expedition to Bukit Tinggi. We’re terribly sorry. As usual, we had no any other excuses from being late beside our daily routine that has really rip our life apart. Busy. One fucking word that has really turned our 24-7 life a living hell… If only we could quit our daily job and become full timer doing touge review and such. LOL. Anyway, here goes the report…

KANSEI Outside Expedictions #2 - Bukit Tinggi

Finally, Bukit Tinggi touge expeditions with ‘Touge For Friendship’ campaign has over between EPMC, GengTurbo along with KANSEI members (joined by Touge-R)! Yay! And as for the moment, we plan to take a rest for a while before continuing the expeditions to next destination. We can’t confirm the exact date yet but most definitely the next expeditions will not going to be in the coming few weeks as we need to look and check on the car first. Something need to be fix… 😀

After a long journey on Cameron Highlands and May 5th expedition to Bukit Tinggi, we guess it’s time to service our cars. Some of our cars has already suffered water pump break down, clutch pump break down and the worse part is, some of our members tires has started to wear off. Their Yokohama Parada Spec-II only left about 30% of tread wears. That mean they will need a new set of tires very soon before the next journey took place. Not to mentioned, brake fluids should be flush with a new set of DOT 4 or 5 and brake pads should be taking under consideration as well.

KANSEI Outside Expedictions #2 - Bukit Tinggi
+ 10 AM at Genting Sempah end point of uphill.

Yeah that’s the issue you have to play around when you wanted to get serious into touges. Every single inch of your car details and safety issue should be taking under consideration. Streering, gear ratio, tires, brakes and others should be taken care at an optimum level. Okay! Enough about those car shitty thingy… Let us tell you about the Bukit Tinggi expedition…

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Cameron Touge Showdown #2

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Last year when we published our first video – Genting Sempah Uphill Battle between Mat Gen and Azuri, we have received lots of feedback from all around the world and it seemed that the video has become ‘the most watched ever’ videos above all of KANSEI video collections in YouTube. Some are good and some are bad. But all that’s is normal and we thank you all for pin pointing our weakness and respecting our creative juices ideas that flow along the way.

But recently, there’s some rumors being spread around that either Mat Gen or Azuri has crashed their car and died terribly in that accident – in touge most probably. Wow… We never had any idea on who was the first to started this rumors but God know both of them are safe, alive and kicking… And we wanted it that way… Always!

Mat Gen and Azuri is currently busy dealing with their daily routine. Jobs, family and God knows what… To prove that, here we post another video of Azuri (going solo) in Cameron touge downhill attack. Please note that this video was recorded on April 5th, 2008 and by the time of this writing, both of Azuri and Mat Gen is still alive, walking among us in this planet called earth. We would like it to sustain that way and we pray for their safety… Not only limiting to them, but to all of you, our readers as well… Amen!

Note: One thing we should warn you is that this video is kinda dark due to Azuri poor headlights adjustment and poor camera equipment. We know, we shouldn’t publish this to public but since we’ve promise earlier, here it is. If you cannot see anything on the video, just listen to the music… That’s all we can say. LOL! Enjoy…

Coming Up: Team KANSEI next expedition trip – Bukit Tinggi, Pahang on May 3rd, 2008 and will be join by members of EPMC and Geng Turbo. This time, it’s gonna be a daytime touge run of friendship between turbo charged cars and natural aspirated engine. Stay tuned…

Cameron Touge Showdown #1

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Enjoy! 😎

Coming Up Video: Stay tune for Azuri’s solo downhill attack in Cameron Touge… Of course he cannot match Touge King and his friends time record..!


KANSEI Expeditions #1 – Cameron Highlands

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Cameron touge expedition is finally over! After the Cameron Highlands trip and meeting all the Cameron Touge Team crew, we must say it leaves us a big remark in our heart. It was Massive! They were all friendly and very down to earth person and not to forget, a very highly skillful and knowledgeable drivers we’ve ever met. Believe us, We will never forget that day until the day we close our eyes. To make it worse, we’ve already been missing each of them and the touge itself! Gosh… So far, what we can say is that the Cameron ‘Touge For Friendship’ expeditions is successful!

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Zali In Teluk Bahang Touge

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None of us in KANSEI has ever step on Teluk Bahang touge in Penang except for Zali or better known as Kura2 in some local forum. He has landed in Teluk Bahang last week, alone in the dark – cruising for fun. It was supposed to be an expedition join by Burn, Mhz and Azuri on the northern trip, but due to some error, the expedition has been cancelled on last minute. Burn was sent to Indonesia for work purposed, Mhz got some last minute urgent program while Azuri has involved in an accident on Friday afternoon, 7th December 2007 on his way to the Mosque.

The expedition was set to be a friendship mission with three touge to run and test. It include Cameron Highland touge – To meet TK and friends with tea session and touge cruise. Sumpitan Pass in Taiping / Batu Kurau – To meet Pak Lah or better known as DriverYg.Sivik in some local forum with tea session and touge cruise. Teluk Bahang touge in Penang – To meet VictorGR and friends of TBS with tea session and cruise. To all the person we’ve make promised, we’re terribly sorry that the trip has been cancelled due to our last minute ‘unpredictible’ things that happen! We are sure there’s still a lots of time in future for us to meet you guys and have fun together!

Still, Zali went there alone – driving. At first we thought that he gonna take a bus ride to Penang since he has no one accompany him on his way up to northern part of Malaysia but due to his spirit in touge, he went there driving alone and cruising at Teluk Bahang alone… Anyway, here we’ve attached four ‘unofficial’ videos of him cruising at Teluk Bahang. By the time we’re writting this, we haven’t got the chance to meet him yet but we’ve recieved an sms from him telling us to view the video in YouTube.

So here’s Zali or Kura2 in Teluk Bahang…

+ Teluk Bahang Downhill Cruise Part 1.

+ Teluk Bahang Downhill Cruise Part 2.

+ Teluk Bahang Uphill Cruise Part 1.

+ Teluk Bahang Uphill Cruise Part 2.