KANSEI Interview: Hovhannes Karagozian

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Here’s our second interview session after the first interview focusing on local touge hero. This time we featured a driver hail all the way from ‘The Land of Uncle Sam’… United States Of America. He’s not only a natural born touge driver, but he is a very skillful rally driver who drive a Volkwagen Jetta and a Subaru Impreza WRX. This interview has been done long ago but only now have its opportunities to appeared in KANSEI weblog as we waited for way too long to receive a pictures of him but.. Nahh.. After we’ve think for a while, we’ve decided to let just put his videos in here…

This person is known as Johnny K among his friends and you may find tons of his videos in YouTube under the user name ‘Recce80’. His videos not only limited to driving but he’s a great fan of football as well.. Err, should we called it ‘soccer’..? (He’s into freestyle football anyway).. We get to know Johnny through the internet since August 2007 as we was exchanging touges video of us and him. He was formerly a driver for US Rally Team but has now gone  solo with Europe as his next playground target.

Now, let’s see what he’s gonna tell us about him… Ohh, by the way, he don’t know who the fuck is Jessica Biel..? Dang..! Enjoy Reading! 😀


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Kuala Kelawang Touge Now In Online Game!

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Kuala Kelawang touge track has now online and available for everyone to test and drive on it. The track now stand side by side with legendary tracks such as The Tsukuba Circuit, Suzuka Circuit, Ebisu, Montegi, Irwindale and a few other well known names.. Off course it is not in reality, but hey.. It’s on this game simulation we’re talking about now. Thanks to people at Oversteer Forum of Australia and specially for Mr DMz for making our homecourse available for an online game known as rFactor with the name of Kansai Touge. Off course it didn’t really reflect or the images and 3Ds animation near to the real touge courses of Kuala Kelawang and it has been modified a bit but hence the name, it’s Kuala Kelawang for pete sake…!

There’s a tons of selection for cars that available for users to choose from as well as the tracks for circuit racing, rally and touge. Like we’ve mentioned before, there are even Tsukuba Circuit include in it. But each of the tracks, circuits and touge courses has first to be downloaded to your computer before you can enjoy it.

First of all before you can enjoy the game, you should spend some time to download the game engine as provided by ISI at http://www.rfactor.net/ and download the mod at Oversteer drift mod and you’re ready to go. There’s a plenty of courses, circuit and tracks to be downloaded as well depends on where you want to practice and race.

Hell yeah.. We did say RACE! They even held a weekend battle on numerous circuits, tracks and courses and you are free to participate and battles with people from each parts of this very Planet Earth! And no worries about hitting the guardrail, jumping off the cliff and any kind of crash you had ever imagine as your real car is still parked in your home garage… And oh, they even have a flight simulation in it. When else you can fly with your car? Only inside game.. Now, go wank this stuff..!

For more info, please visit:

Oversteer Forum
Kansai Touge
Team KANSEI homecourse (Reality)

Here, we include a few of it’s screenshots as well to get your pants wet you gamers freak! 😀






NOTE: Team KANSEI car stolen! (Found Again)

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*Post deleted*

Thanks again guys!

NOTE: Thank God, the car has been found back in Gombak, Kuala Lumpur area with no missing parts on January 16, 2009. Thank you guys for helping us sorting out the problem.

KANSEI Video: Bukit Tinggi Downhill Battle

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Ahh.. It’s snowy here again in wordpress… Meaning that we’re going to our third year as a team.. Damn, how time flies… 😀

Recently, while we was cleaning up our hard disk space on our computer, we’ve saw this old video of Burn battling on downhill attack with Mizal a.k.a Kultuih in Bukit Tinggi, Pahang. This was an old video recorded somewhere in April 2008 but we just couldn’t find enough time to upload it to YouTube. Finally here it is making its way to a greater audience…

This video was recorded long ago before the Berjaya Hills Group managements decided to put a speed bump in Bukit Tinggi to prevent speeding vehicles. Yes.. That’s suck for us touge lovers. This touge was as well one of the finest road conditions touge’s in Malaysia since it is a private property roads and it has road-side lampose to light up your way up and down at night, meaning it is not as dark as Kuala Kelawang and any other touges… But in other way, it does suck for us since we barely see the upcoming vehicles head light and it made our camera result looks fugly..

Anyway, enjoy the vids… 😀

We’re Back…! Kuala Kelawang Still Rock!

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Ok guys and girls… It’s really-really-really been a while since we’ve posted anything in here. Some thoughts that we’ve died in a car crash, some thoughts that there’s no more of KANSEI and all of the expeditions schedules was canceled… Though they are wrong. We are here, alive and kicking..! We admit that it was pain in the ass waiting for the fucking government to reduce the petrol prices per liter for us to be able to hit the touges again. And we must say that the petrol prices hike recently reeeeaaaallly kills us slowly.. Bit by bit..! We are just an ordinary guys who has to work our assess to gain some cash.. Urghh.. Fuck the government for making our life’s misrable..!

We’ve received a lots of email lately from around the globe including one from Romania Comic Company.. It’s a some sort like manga producing company.. We have no idea about it. Guess what.. They wanted to produced a new comic, something like Initial D but this time it’s gonna based on the real life characters of KANSEI team members.. What the fuckkkkkkk..? LOL.. To everyone that has send us email, we will reply you soon. Thanks for your time and courage to write to us and we promise we will reply yours soon.. It’s better late than never right? 😀

Anyway, since the petrol prices in Malaysia has gone low again, we’ve finally made our way back to touge again and where else to go besides our very own Kuala Kelawang. We must say that we honestly missed that place and all the night creatures that live inside.. LOL.. We all gathered up in Petronas Ampang on last Saturday (December 6) before hitting up the touge with 10 cars joining the ride.. Yeah.. 10 cars which consist of Mr Oreedo-san from EPMC with it’s monstrous Super Taikyu SEG equipped with 4AGE 20 Valve, Botak – an ex-editor of Traffic Magazine, Sam who was riding in an M3 BMW, Shahril the perfectly tuned Natural Aspirated Honda EG6 with B18C-R, Blakzed of GT Forum member who ride with his monter 4G63T Satria beside many others who is a regular of Kuala Kelawang Touge which is Shalie, Blue, Liroy, Mat Gen and Azuri beside a few other guy that we’ve forgot the name.. Sorry guys.. Sure we’ll meet again soon..!

The uphill run was treated mildly as we was all tried to be careful as we’d expected landslides could happen since it was a rainy season in Malaysia as it started to snow here in WordPress.. LOL. The downhill was treated as fast but safety as we could – Lead by Azuri, followed closely by Shalie. Later arrival was Shahril with his EG6 and Sam in his M3. According to Azuri, it was one of the best downhill run he ever had since long ago.. Anyway, here’s a pictures of that night.. Enjoy. No video was recorded as everyone was excited to be able to touge again.. Yay!

Enough said – We’re back! Next expeditions should be the Sumpitan Pass in Taiping, Perak!

+ 10 cars lining up.

+ 10 cars lining up.

+ Oreedo-San Super Taikyu 4AGE 20V.

+ Shahril EG6 – LW you should meet this guy soon!

+ Sam M3.

+ Shalie and Shahril at the Dam of Semenyih.

+ Oreedo San and Botak San.

+ Blakzed with Shalie and Shahril.

+ Mat Gen stretching out…

+ On our way home.

Zali a.k.a Kura Is Now A Husband

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Zali or better known as Kura, one of our member is now officially married to Elly, the girl of his life. So, we guess, he’s not single anymore.. So, girls with bad intentions should stay away.. shohh.. shohh…

We did a small group convoy to the east side of Malaysia coastal line to celebrate Kura’s big day and we all end up the day by hanging out at the beach of Teluk Batik in Kuantan, Pahang, one of the nicest beach in Malaysia to catch the sunsets. Here a few pictures of that day…

+ The wife’s and girlfriends.

+ The husband’s and boyfriends.

+ At the beach.

+ After McDonald’s session.




+ The waves.

+ The poeple.

KANSEI Fraser’s Hill trip with GT/EPMC team B

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Only one KANSEI guy managed to make it…this was last August dudes…sorry for the late post. It was a splendid day when I have the opportunity to join these guys again right after the bukit tinggi trip…vids are not clear n i don’t intend to upload it anyway. the cars joining this time are damn powerful and equipped with good jap made adjustables n advan neovas against my yokohama parada 😦 compared to me.. but as touge for fun & friendship, i managed to fit in 🙂 …well…enjoy the pics thou 😉

Report by: Shalie